After Months Of Silence, Loretta Lynch Drops Shocking Admission About Hillary’s Email Scandal

Imagine a scenario where Hillary, Bill, Lynch, Obama, Comey, Wasserman Schultz, Holder, Jarrett, Abedin, Weiner, and a few more that should be added to that list are all sitting in circle just looking at each other, wondering who might be the first to confess and reveal evidence of crimes in an attempt to stay out of jail by turning state’s evidence. Just thinking about that lets you feel the intense tension that would be in the room. Would anyone even say anything even if they were positive that there were no recording or monitoring devices present?

That’s not a scenario that’s likely to eventuate, but it no doubt goes on all the time with the exception that the players are separated from each other. With FBI investigations ongoing, how do these people communicate securely with each other given the possibility that the FBI has permission to tap their phones or monitor their email as part of the ongoing investigation?

We might find out soon as former Attorney General Lynch has revealed that she used an alias, Elizabeth Carlisle, when working on Hillary’s email scandal case. Could this have been a effort by the then attorney general to thwart an investigation into any crimes Hillary might have committed while secretary of state? If so, could we have evidence, not just of Hillary’s criminality, but also of an attorney general obstructing justice? Just how twisted were things during the Obama administration? Apparently the truth is rather ugly.

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“Like her predecessor, Eric Holder, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch used an email alias to conduct government business, The Daily Caller has confirmed.

“Several of Lynch’s emails were included in 413 pages of DOJ documents provided to the conservative groups Judicial Watch and the American Center for Law and Justice. Both groups had filed lawsuits for records regarding Lynch’s controversial meeting with President Bill Clinton at the Phoenix airport last June 27.

“Using the pseudonym ‘Elizabeth Carlisle,’ Lynch corresponded with DOJ press officials to hammer out talking points in response to media requests about the meeting. The tarmac encounter drew criticism from conservatives because Lynch was overseeing the federal investigation into whether Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information on her private email system.

“The meeting was revealed not by Lynch, Clinton or the Justice Department, but by a reporter in Phoenix working based on a tip.” – Source: Daily Caller

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Now we are not dealing with stupid people here. Clearly Lynch, and Bill Clinton for that matter, had to know that private meeting in a private plane on the tarmac between the attorney general and the husband of a woman under federal investigation would look very suspicious. Yet they conducted the meeting anyway. And we’re supposed to believe the story that all they talked about were grandkids. They take us for fools.

If it was nothing more than an innocent conversation about grandchildren, why not conduct it over the phone? Why risk causing an incident and the trouble attached to it just to shoot the breeze about nothing important?

Clearly, the only explanation for this meeting was a serious discussion of the serious investigation involving allegations that Hillary broke the law with her private email server, and in a very serious way.

The Federalist takes an even stronger position on the matter of the private meeting between Mrs. Lynch and Mr. Clinton followed shortly thereafter by then FBI director Comey’s announcement that he would not pursue charges against Hillary.

“Lynch was caught conducting a secret meeting with Bill Clinton aboard a private plane on a tarmac in Phoenix last year as Clinton’s wife pursued the presidency and amid an ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private, unsecured email server, which she illegally used during her tenure as secretary of State. Soon afterward, the former attorney general reportedly used a pseudonym to coordinate a narrative about the meeting with Department of Justice officials, Chuck Ross at The Daily Caller reports.

“Also shortly after the private plane meeting, former FBI director James Comey announced that agency would not pursue a case against Clinton, despite admitting he had enough evidence to do so. A month later, Lynch announced the DOJ would not investigate the Clinton Foundation’s relationship with the State Department during Hillary’s tenure, despite the FBI’s reccommendation to do so. The chain of events caused many to question Lynch’s motives, as it was also widely reported that Hillary planned to keep Lynch as attorney general had Clinton won the election.” – Source: The Federalist

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This entire story involving both Clintons, Lynch, Comey, and others reeks of collusion and corruption. In the middle of a campaign for president, an investigation is launched into Hillary Clinton’s email server which it turns out contained unsecured classified documents. Next, the attorney general has a private meeting with candidate Hillary’s husband supposedly to discuss grandchildren. Shortly thereafter, the director of the FBI announces that while Hillary was reckless in her handling of emails and documents on her private server, he would not pursue charges.

We are supposed to believe this line. Well, perhaps that is what we are supposed to believe, but instead we are calling foul. No one except the most naive or a confirmed Hillary-worshiper would buy that collection of fables.

Instead, some people have a lot of incriminating evidence to hide. The questions are when, by whom, and in what form the releases will take. We watch this story with great interest.

Source: The Federalist

Source: Daily Caller

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