Look Which Hollywood Celeb Finally Left America — Liberals Breathe A Sigh Of Relief

There have been a ton of celebrities who continue to play the old tune of, “If [pick a Republican candidate] is elected, I’m moving to [pick a country]. Too many to name and too vapid to really matter anyway, these celebrities come to highly regard their own fame to the point of being able to sway an election. But as has been the case in so many situations, the celebrities themselves appear to be the only people who really care what they, themselves, think.

As well, there is an effort by these celebrities to push an agenda in almost every facet of social life. They get involved in sports protests, religious protests, education protests, and just about anything else you can imagine, up to and including fantasizing about the assassination of our president, or the murder of his family, or even the rape of his Secretary of Education. These are vile and disgusting people, with absolutely no moral compass or compassion for the common man. We even have these hypocrites coming out against Harvey Weinstein when they themselves are just as culpable (can you say, Ben Affleck…who’s ancestors were slave owners, by the way).

Speaking of Weinstein, is it any wonder that so many are coming out against him. This is what happens when the Liberals sense blood in the water. They behave like a bunch of ravenous bats and swarm whoever is the next criminal in line. Weinstein has decided that enough is enough. When his own are attacking him the way the Left has come out against him, there is nowhere to go except out…out of the United States. And that’s exactly what he’s done!

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Fox News:

After being fired from his own company and losing his wife of 10 years, Harvey Weinstein is reportedly getting out of the country. New reports indicate the Hollywood mogul is heading far away to enter rehab.

According to TMZ, the star is boarding a private jet on Tuesday night for a rehab center somewhere in Europe. He will reportedly enter a live-in facility that will help treat him and teach him to deal with both sex and his other behavioral issues. Despite the cavalcade of negative press surrounding him after numerous women came forward to claim sexual harassment and abuse from him throughout his many years in show business, he allegedly still hopes rehab will allow him to make a comeback at a later date.

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The news comes just hours after Weinstein’s wife, Georgina Chapman, announced that she is leaving her husband amid the sexual misconduct allegations that were exposed by different reports from both the New York Times and The New Yorker earlier this week.

It’s unclear at this time specifically where Weinstein is reportedly headed.

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For Liberals, going to rehab is code for, “I’m sick of this s**t and I want people to leave me alone! I’m going to rehab! There! Are you satisfied?” For Weinstein, however, this charade will be short-lived. The Liberals have already come out in force against him and there is no forgiveness…at least not until he disappears from the limelight for a minimum of five years.

Once that time comes and he is given the all-clear to come out of hiding, that is the time that Hillary and all the rest of his phony supporters will emerge to detail how they were cheering for him to recover from this fall from grace, that they always knew “deep down inside that he was a good man!” For us on the Right, it’s just another example of a Leftist doing what they do best: being hypocrites.

Source:  Fox News

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