Liberal Retail Giant Just Got A Brutal Surprise Thanks To Bathroom Scandal Aftermath — Conservatives Cheering, Democrats Devastated

I remember when I was shopping in a Walmart not long ago and overheard a woman on her cellphone complaining to the other person that she had no choice but to shop there because there’s was no Target in the area. She went on and on about how she hated Walmart and was sickened by the people who shopped there as well.

Needless to say, this was a refrain I’ve often heard from people who regarded the retail giant as a problem. They regard Walmart as a bad guy (even though they won’t say it outright) mainly because they won’t allow the unions to infect its inner workings. Leftists often say things, but rarely state why. It’s a basic problem with their wiring. They are so used to spewing lies and deceitful stories, and can’t state the truth, or else their entire argument falls apart at the seams.

Little known to many, however, is that Target is pretty much a mirror image of Walmart…just not as successful. Granted, they are polished. But can they give back to the community the way that Walmart does? Of course, the answer is “no.” That said, Target has other problems as well. If you recall, their gender-confused bathroom controversy really damaged their reputation to the point of almost no recovery. Now, they will be closing 12 stores by February!

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Conservative Tribune:

Last year, retail giant Target angered conservatives with its transgender bathroom policy.

Customers boycotted the company and, as one would expect, sales plummeted and stock prices dropped. The retailer hoped to curb some of that frustration by adding a private, single-stall bathroom to every one of its facilities.

But it would appear that gesture was too little, too late.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported that the retailer will be closing a dozen under-performing stores nationwide.

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The chain said the closings were part of a process to refine its stores and focus on smaller-format stores.

The stores being closed are in Lauderhill, Florida; Macon, Georgia; Harper Woods, Michigan; Benton Harbor, Michigan; Fergus Falls, Minnesota; Hastings, Minnesota; Hutchinson, Kansas; Slidell, Louisiana; Matteson, Illinois; Romeoville, Illinois; Baltimore, Maryland; and San Antonio, Texas.

The stores are set to shutter after the holidays on Feb. 3.

“We have a rigorous process in place to evaluate the performance of every store on an annual basis, closing or relocating underperforming locations as needed,” a spokeswoman for the retailer told CNBC.

She added that a store is generally closed as a result of several years of decreasing profitability.

While we cannot know with certainty that these closings are the direct result of the retailer’s politically correct stances, we can be fairly certain that those moves did nothing to secure customer faith in the company, and it’s easy for customers to take their business elsewhere.

That’s exactly what conservative shoppers did when they felt Target did not take their concerns seriously.

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Most interestingly about these closings is that the company spokesperson was trying to make it sound like these were based around profitability. If you take a look at the locations where the closings are taking place, you’ll note that each and every one of them is located in a far-Left city where the overwhelming majority of voters opted to pull the lever for Hillary Rodham-Clinton.

With that in mind, is it possible that the reasons for this perceived contradiction of results, that a Target is closing in a far-Left location, is that the consumer base is not willing to pay higher prices for merchandise that is of lower quality? Perhaps, these same people who really hate Walmart are actually shopping there.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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