Effective Immediately: Liberal Judge Rules That The Government Is Now Required To Give Muslims…

The evidence is conclusive.

One has to be utterly misinformed or uninformed not to see it.

A sizable portion of the Muslim community wants no part of western societies.

They simply wish to live in western cultures as outsiders until such time as the nation is converted to Islam. This, both through forcing their doctrine on unwilling residents, and through immigration and population growth.

One example of the refusal of Muslims to assimilate into the cultures of their new homes is the various forms of face-coverings worn by Muslim women.

This is more than just an effort to obstruct being identified in public. It is an in-your-face assault on western culture. It is also a reminder. If the provision in the Koran prescribing such garments is binding on Muslims, what other provisions are likewise binding?

Many parts of the Koran prescribe behaviors that are clearly illegal in the US and other Western countries.

This has hit another crisis point. A judge in Quebec has ruled that the province’s ban on religious veils can no longer be enforced. Until now, a Muslim woman had to remove her veil to identify herself in order to collect government benefits. The government can no longer make such a demand. Hence, Muslim women can now collect their welfare checks at government offices even if wearing the full-face veil.

“Superior Court Justice Babak Barin has ‘stayed a key provision of the controversial law banning people from receiving or giving a public service with their face covered….. under which people can apply for a religious accommodation to the legislation.'”

The complaint on which this case was argued originated with the National Council of Canadian Muslims. This is a close associate of the US-based organization, CAIR. And that group has connections with the notorious Islamist group, The Muslim Brotherhood. None of these organizations support the assimilation of Muslims into western cultures.

Quebec’s premier gets it right. Of course, Muslim organizations vigorously disagree.

“According to Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard:

“‘For reasons linked to communication, identification and safety, public services should be given and received with an open face…. We are in a free and democratic society. You speak to me, I should see your face, and you should see mine. It’s as simple as that.’

“There should be one law for all Canadians and equality for all under the law, period; any religious accommodations should be in keeping with the constitution.”

It’s very handy for Muslims to have a document such as the Koran that they can use to promote their agenda. It’s true that what some woman wears to cover her face may seem an insignificant issue. The snag is that the same document that demands Muslim women do so also places them as the inferiors to men. And that’s the least of it.

By the way, where are the feminists and women’s rights advocates in all of this? The Koran is a highly misogynistic document. Imagine if a Republican member of Congress were to propose anything like what the Koran demands regarding women. The feminists’ rage would be so great their heads would explode. Yet, they are AWOL in this battle which is in part for women’s rights.

The decision this Canadian judge rendered is wrong and needs to be overturned.

This is all part of a plan of Islamification of our western cultures. It is a sort of “soft” jihad against the West. It needs to be stopped in its tracks right now before the assault spreads to other areas of western society. Compromising and accommodating such cultural attacks are not options.

Source: Jihad Watch

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