Muslim Welfare Leeches Pissed To Learn About New Law That Will Not Give Them Any Government Benefits Until They…

One of the more bizarre claims by Muslims, in this case Muslim women, is that they cannot removed their face coverings even for purposes of identification. As if they are not aware, identification becomes difficult if your face is covered, something criminals are well aware of and have used to good effect. Short of doing retina scans, taking fingerprints, or swabbing mouths for DNA, one must ask how women who cover their faces expect to be identified?

The solutions to some of this nonsense are very simple. If persons will not expose their faces to being photographed, they don’t get driver licenses or any other form of personal identification. Nor are they allowed to board commercial aircraft. Of course, these Muslim women and their advocates will scream religious persecution, but it is nothing of the sort. They have chosen their behavior which is at variance from everyone else. Hence, they have singled themselves out to be treated differently than everyone else. Exemption from existing laws is a right they do not have.

Quebec has decided that they will put an end to the problem in a very comprehensive way. A bill has been proposed to bar women who will not remove their head coverings for identification purposes from receiving any government benefits. Not only that, the bill bans burqas in public places. In an era in which we are subject to more and more intrusions in the name of fighting terrorism, it does not seem to be too much to ask for a person to show his or her face.

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“In a bold move to force the self-segregating Muslim community to integrate with Canada’s diverse religious and cultural groups, legislators signed a bill into law on Wednesday that requires all Muslims wearing Islamic veils to remove their face coverings if they want to receive taxpayer-funded government services of any kind in Quebec. CBC reports that the new legislation prohibits women who wear burqas or niqabs from utilizing public services in public areas including institutions, universities, schools, daycares, government buildings, community centers, and even public transit.

“Perhaps most controversially, the law also outlines stipulations under which employers and schools can refuse requests for prayer breaks, fasts, and religious holidays. The addition has come as a shock to the Muslim community since their religious calendar contains an unreasonable number of compulsive daily prayers, holidays, and multiple weeks-long fasts.”

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There’s much to be said here, but one point that has been made plain, and not just in Canada, is that if you want an employee who is regular in attendance at work, perhaps a fundamentalist Muslim should not be your first choice. Put another way, it’s a very handy faith for those who wish to avoid regular work since it requires adherents to observe and attend to so many religious duties, that working takes a distant second.

Given their desire to be separate and not to assimilate, perhaps Muslims who wish to be absent from work so frequently for religious reasons should open their own businesses or work for other Muslims. If they own their own shop, they can close it down as often as they want. They might not like the income that results from such a practice, but that’s their problem.

“Expectedly, the Muslim minority is particularly upset with the legislation, arguing that, although the law pertains to all Quebecois, it specifically targets their religion. Of course, lawmakers refute this accusation, reminding them that the bill maintains religious neutrality and encourages equality, according to CNN.

“‘We are just saying that for reasons linked to communication, identification and safety, public services should be given and received with an open face,’ said Premier Philippe Couillard of Quebec. ‘We are in a free and democratic society. You speak to me, I should see your face, and you should see mine. It’s as simple as that.'”

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It is one thing to allow people to worship as they choose, or not to worship at all if that’s their preference. That’s an obvious right in America and in other nations. It’s quite another for those of a particular faith and radically different culture to arrive in another nation and effectively tell its inhabitants that they must change to suit these new residents. That is arrogant, oppressive, and unjust.

In effect, this is precisely what Muslims are doing in the western nations to which they have migrated. It is a cultural invasion, not a peaceful coexistence.

It is a highly politically-incorrect statement to make, yet it remains true. If you find the culture of a particular country to be offensive, perhaps you should live in one that comports with your beliefs, practices, and religion. There is no shortage of nations in which Muslims can practice a very strict form of the Islamic faith. In fact, in some countries, they must do so.

Canada, and specifically the province of Quebec, is not one of them. Neither is the United States. If as a Muslim you choose a western nation in which to live, do not expect that nation to change its laws and customs just to suit you. You will either assimilate into the existing culture as other immigrants have, or remain perpetually outside the mainstream of the society, prohibited in practicing the elements of your faith that conflict with existing laws.

And that is not religious discrimination nor persecution. It is simply standing up for an existing culture and system of laws that have been in place for hundreds of years or more.

So take your complaints somewhere else.

Source: Mad World News

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