Muslim Welfare Leech Retaliates In Sick, Disgusting Way When Government Decreases Her Food Stamps

Welfare is supposed to be temporary help for the truly needy, not a way of life to be exploited by those who could otherwise generate sufficient income to live on. And being denied unemployment solely because you are unwilling to remove your Muslim hijab while at work does not make you needy or deserving of support.

Needless to say it’s not just Muslims who are abusing the welfare system. There is no shortage of people who are seeking to make a career out of living off the myriad of welfare benefits that are available. That’s tragic because they consume funds that should be available to those facing genuine needs.

When one Muslim woman living in the Netherlands was denied some of her welfare benefits because she refused to remove her hijab in order to get a job, she sued. And she lost, as she should have. In addition, a precedent was set.

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This case starts with a Muslim migrant who, after two years on welfare in the Netherlands, “was told by Utrecht’s Department of Work and Income that she must get a job if she wants to continue collecting taxpayer benefits.”

Unwilling to get a job, she fell back on her alleged Muslim faith as an excuse for not working.

“[T]he woman told the city council that she should not be expected to find work because her beliefs require her to wear the face-covering niqab, which is banned in the workplace. Unfortunately for her, the department wasn’t going to be forced by the Muslim woman’s entitlement, responding to her demand by first stripping her of 30 percent of her benefits and further cutting them by 10 percent each month that she remains unemployed.”

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She sued and lost. She appealed, and the appeal was denied in a precedent-setting decision. “[T]he Central Appeals court not only refused her appeal but ruled that the department may deny benefits to all able-bodied Muslims who cite their religious beliefs as an excuse to remain unemployed.”

What the court just said is that the citing of religious beliefs as an excuse to get welfare benefits would not be tolerated in their country. Specifically, that “…wearing a niqab interferes with gaining access to the labor market, which puts unnecessary pressure on public funds.”

If Western culture is to survive, then those moving to Western nations will need to abide by the laws and customs of those nations to which they voluntarily moved. If Western economies are going to survive, it will be necessary to control spending , and part of that involves making sure welfare only goes to those who are truly needy.

Source: Mad World News

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