Just In: Look Who Banned The Burqa In All Public Places Forever

Liberals love to claim they will flee to Canada to escape the Trump administration as though Canada is some sort of official refuge for wounded liberals. This assumes that Canada would even want potentially millions of disgruntled liberals moving to their country. In other words, the liberals might have overestimated their desirability as residents in Canada.

Canadian preferences notwithstanding, such mass migration is unlikely to happen. Even liberals recognize that having an income is helpful, and since Canada might not be keeping jobs open in anticipation of their arrival, they might decide to stay put in the US.

Canada, at least the province of Quebec, has also just taken an action that will make liberals furious and decrease their interest in moving there. Quebec’s government has passed a law requiring women to remove any face coverings for identification purposes when receiving government services. If Canada is ignoring liberal sensibilities in exchange for common sense policies, what hope does the left in America have?

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The National Post has the story: “Niqab-wearing Quebec women who want to ride the bus, visit the library, go for a medical check-up or meet with their child’s teacher are now legally required to uncover their faces while receiving provincial and municipal government services.

“Quebec’s National Assembly adopted Bill 62 Wednesday morning, a controversial law that is the Liberal government’s answer to a decade-long debate over the accommodation of religious minorities in the province.”

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What is happening here is that liberals are being forced to confront the real world.

Surely, as children, liberals must have played such games as cops and robbers, or otherwise noted that folks such as bank robbers are shown with masks. Criminals, for obvious reasons, often desire to conceal their identities. Allowing individuals to cover their faces in public venues only assists criminals as they conceal themselves in the garb of otherwise peaceful individuals.

“Initially aimed only at provincial services, the Liberals widened the law’s scope in August to embody municipal services, including public transit and subsidized housing offices.

“[Justice Minister Stéphanie] Vallée this week clarified that the ban, which comes into force as soon as it receives assent from the lieutenant-governor in the coming days, will apply for the full time that a service is rendered. In other words, it would not be enough for a woman to show her face as she boards a bus; she would have to keep it uncovered for her entire trip.”

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This would not be complete without including the position of those who oppose this legislation.

“Nicole Filion, coordinator of the Ligue des droits et libertés, a human-rights defence group, warned that the law will ‘have a discriminatory effect on religious groups who are targeted, in particular women.'”

And again: “Eve Torres, Quebec representative of the National Council of Canadian Muslims, said the law infringes on religious freedom and will almost certainly be challenged in court.”

Of course, if some tragedy occurs where some Muslims are blown to kingdom come by a group of terrorists, the government will be blamed for not taking proper precautions which is precisely what this legislation is.

Quebec needs to stand its ground on this policy. It is reasonable and it promotes public safety.

It also has the benefit of discouraging the invasion of Canada by hoards of American liberals.

Source: National Post

Source: Jihad Watch

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