SHUTDOWN: Judge Jeanine Humiliates Michelle Obama, “Since when did…” [WATCH]

Who else is beyond tired of liberals whining, moaning, crying, and groaning over the results of November 8?

It’s been more than six weeks, and they have yet to get over the election and move on with their lives. In fact, most of them have done their very best to not go back to business as usual, because it’s easier to demand safe spaces and force America to feel sorry for them.

If the situation were reversed, and Hillary Clinton was now president-elect, you would not see Republicans pulling such tactics as bullying electors, using the mainstream media as their voice, and creating asinine online petitions to “make” their candidate president (after The People had spoken six weeks prior). Republicans have jobs to maintain, mortgages to pay, kids to feed, the list goes on.

It’s shocking that one of America’s most shameless sulkers is none other than our current First Lady, Michelle Obama. In a weak and desperate attempt to use the media, through the all mighty interviewer Oprah, Michelle had horrendous things to say about the future of our country.

According to Yes I’m Right:

Michelle recently did an interview with Oprah Winfrey and said that there is no hope left in America, now that Trump is President.

Thankfully, Judge Jeanine Pirro shows that this is arguably the stupidest thing Michelle Obama has ever said (which is saying something because she says a lot of stupid things).

Judge Jeanine did all of America a huge favor by calling out liberals and how they truly act: forcing their will, thoughts, and ideas onto everyone they can control, and then getting mad when things don’t go their way. You will truly enjoy this video.

Thankfully, we have many reasons to find hope in the future. One cannot but notice the Trump Effect, between hearing about his newest supporters, to the growing stock market, which in turn grows the economy.

Most importantly, hope abounds as the Obamas are finally exiting the White House!

Source: Yes I’m Right

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