Immigrant Surprises America, Flaunts His Illegal Status – President Trump Knocks On His Door With A ‘Surprise’ Of His Own

I have children and a wife.

I work nearly every day of the week and we live in a fairly remote part of the country.

If I had robbed a bank and my wife drove the getaway car, would you feel sorry for me if I got arrested? Would you feel sorry for my wife?

Obviously, you would feel bad for the kids because of the awful stupidity of both myself and my wife for having broken the law, right?

Let’s suppose that this happened 18 years ago and that my wife finally got caught this week in a sting operation. As she was bringing the kids back to the house, the police who detained her didn’t arrest me. So, I went to the local newspaper to tell the story about how I broke the law 18 years ago and how my wife was taken away and I wondered how the police could do such a thing.

Would that change your mind? Would you feel sorry for us now?

Well, of course you wouldn’t. Baltazar “Rosas” Aburto Gutierrez, an illegal alien from Mexico who has lived here for 18 years.

In other words, he committed a crime 18 years ago.

His girlfriend and mother of his children, Gladys Diaz, was arrested and deported for her crime, the children joining her in Puerto Vallarta. Gutierrez in response, went to the newspapers to tell his story and it was there that the ICE agents were made aware of his illegal status and tracked him down, arresting him only days after his article appeared in the paper!

The Associated Press:

A Mexican man who spoke with reporters about his longtime girlfriend’s immigration arrest has now been detained himself, and he says agents told him it’s because he was in the newspaper.
Baltazar “Rosas” Aburto Gutierrez spoke with the local Chinook Observer as well as

The Seattle Times after U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detained his girlfriend in June. He was identified by only his nickname in the Observer, and not by name in the Times.

Aburto Gutierrez, 35, told the Times in a phone interview from the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma that he was arrested last Monday morning in Ocean Shores, where he lives and works as a clamdigger.

He said an agent told him: “My supervisor asked me to come find you because of what appeared in the newspaper.”

ICE spokeswoman Lori Haley told the Times that the agency doesn’t retaliate as a rule. But when pressed about Aburto Gutierrez’s case, she declined to comment, the Times reported.

“ICE conducts targeted immigration enforcement in compliance with federal law and agency policy, and at times, exercises prosecutorial discretion when the circumstances of a particular case have extenuating factors like the care of minor children or an alien’s medical condition,” the agency said in a statement sent by Haley.

“This does not mean an alien is exempt from future immigration enforcement,” it added.

Aburto Gutierrez has lived in the U.S. for 18 years and has children with his girlfriend, Gladys Diaz. Diaz was arrested when she took their children to meet with someone who answered an ad she placed to sell a homemade piñata; it turned out to be a sting.

The family’s story was featured by the newspapers as examples of the effect of ramped-up deportation efforts under President Donald Trump, which include removing longtime residents with no apparent criminal records. The Observer piece ran in August, the Times piece in early November.

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project legal director Matt Adams said Aburto Gutierrez might have grounds to explore whether ICE violated his free speech rights.

“It certainly is troubling,” Adams said.

True to form, the AP (which is a conglomeration of all the Leftist press massed together into one, huge Liberal news outlet) decided to portray this story in a way that supposed to tug on your heartstrings and bring a tear to your eye. The line that’s particularly laughable is “which include removing longtime residents with no apparent criminal records!” Yeah, except breaking federal immigration law…but that’s no big deal, right?

And I’m aware that non-citizens are afforded First Amendment rights, but I really wonder if they should be. Sure, they should have certain protections, but the right to trash this country and our laws while they are breaking them seems backward and ludicrous. And so it goes…

Thank you President Trump for strengthening our borders!

Source: The Associated Press

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