President Trump Just Gave Illegals Bad News About Their Southern Border — What Do You Think?

Laws are only of value if they are properly enforced. In fact, even a good law, if not enforced has a negative impact. The reason is simple. People will begin to construe that the failure to enforce one law might signify an overall lax approach to law enforcement. In other words, if some laws are not enforced, perhaps there will be no penalty for breaking others.

Our southern border with Mexico is a fine example of this. During the Obama administration, the chances of being caught and deported for illegally entering the US could largely be ignored. One got the impression that any enforcement of our immigration laws was just for show. The real goal of Mr. Obama was to flood the nation with illegals as a first step to creating new voters for the Democratic Party.

This is no longer the case under President Trump. The border patrol has been more active resulting with more deportations. As a result, arrests are down since illegals see the crackdown and deportations and then decide to stay put. And our southern border is now more secure.

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“It turns out that just the threat of mass deportations is enough to stop people from fleeing into our country from the southern border. If you doubt this, take a good long look at the number of border arrests verses the number of deportations that have taken place under the Trump administration.

“Arrests made by border patrol of persons coming into the country illegally have plunged by 25%. Last year, America saw a total of 415,816. For the fiscal year of 2017, which ended in September, we ended up with 310,531 arrests.”

If people believe they are likely to get arrested, they will be less likely to commit crimes. Why must something so obvious be pointed out? The answer is that it does not. Mr. Obama understood this. In fact, he used it to advance his agenda of increasing illegal immigration. Hence, his deliberately lackadaisical approach to immigration law enforcement.

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“It is also worth noting that this is the lowest number of border patrol arrests since 1971. Either Mexico is running out of people, or Trump is doing something right.

“In contrast, deportation arrests made by ICE have risen by 25% from 2016. Last year, the feds only picked up a total of 114,434, but by the end of the 2017 fiscal year, Trump’s administration had overseen the arrest of 143,470 individuals who are in the country illegally.

“According to the numbers, ICE arrests in total have surged a whopping 40% after Trump took office.”

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So, we are now arresting and deporting illegals at an increased rate. The result is that fewer are taking the risk involved with entering the US illegally.

Now just watch how the problem of illegal immigration dries up even further after the border wall is built.

Source: Right Wing News

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