Illegals Are Fleeing Texas Like The Plague, All It Took Was 1 Genius Move

When the executive branch of the government is aggressive in enforcing the law, there is respect for that enforcement power and a corresponding reduction in crime. This is so obvious, that it should not even have to be pointed out. Yet this is exactly the experience we are witnessing in Texas.

Under the leadership of President Trump and Attorney General Sessions, ICE arrests are up by 40 percent in Texas. In fact, the legal environment has changed to such a degree that are some are “self-deporting” rather than running the risk of being apprehended by ICE and all that would entail.

How is this positive result being accomplished? By intensifying the enforcement of the laws, and by the deportation of illegal aliens. No one should be surprised.

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“Arrests of undocumented immigrants in North Texas have nearly doubled since President Donald Trump took office.

“Statistics obtained by CBS 11 show they’ve gone up by nearly 40 percent, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“In a Fort Worth tortilla shop that doubles as a restaurant, almost everyone is an immigrant, both legal and not. This morning, an undocumented woman ate a late breakfast and planned for what she believes is inevitable deportation.”

“‘It’s pure fear now,’ she said. ‘If I talk to other immigrants, it’s the same. Just fear.'”

In one sense, this matter is a tragedy for which the U.S., or at least the Obama administration, bears some responsibility. When presidential leadership acts as though the immigration laws do not exist and establishes all sorts of benefits for those the government knows are illegals, then of course you’re going to see them flooding over the borders. By flaunting the law, the government simply encourages the illegal aliens to do likewise. It’s a terrible scam to inflict on these people.

Lest there be a misunderstanding of the position taken here, none of the misgovernment of the Obama administration excuses the illegals from breaking our laws or gives them the right to stay. They knew what they were doing. They were just counting on a derelict Obama administration to look the other way. That said, Mr. Obama was an accessory to these crimes to the degree that he gave the impression that enforcement of the law would not happen.

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“Under the Obama Administration, ICE focused on so-called ‘criminal’ immigrants, those who had felonies and other rap sheets. In the first 100 days of the Trump administration, ICE arrested 4,155 criminal immigrants and 814 non-criminal. In 2016, ICE arrested 2,337 criminal immigrants compared to 249 non-criminal immigrants.”

What Mr. Obama did in encouraging illegal immigration was a gross miscarriage of justice. But the law is was it is, and that means that those who are here illegally go home. If they conclude to do that on their own, at least they leave with some self-respect having done the right thing.

It’s unfortunate that we cannot deport Mr. Obama along with these people he alleged to be so concerned about. No doubt he is sad to see them go, but that’s because he sees a lucrative source of Democratic voters leaving the country. And that attitude is the tragedy of it all.

Source: CBS News

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