Want To See How Sharia Law Is Practiced In America? This Is The Punishment One Gets For Stealing A Pizza…BARBARIC!

Islamic culture has a very bad and well-deserved reputation, because of its 1400 year history of barbarity towards just about anyone who crosses its path. Sharia law as practiced by Muslims everywhere calls for some of the most severe punishments for seemingly minor crimes.

Islam also has cultural practices that would make the hair stand up on your neck such as female genital mutilation, as well as death by stoning for women “believed” to be guilty of adultery. In a Sharia court, all it takes is two men to stand up and lie that they witnessed the crime in order to get a conviction.

And what about punishment for the crime of theft? Why… it’s the cutting off of the offending thief’s hand. Yes, you read that right! They cut off hands as punishment for stealing! The video below shows Muslims discussing the rationalization for removing a thief’s hand in America. The audience’s shocked reaction makes them backtrack their statements right away, saying that this is only in an Islamic State, not America, but the damage was done! The first speaker knew exactly what he was saying.

There is a good reason why Islam has not been readily welcomed to western societies. Since the very birth of this nation, the founding fathers knew very well what Islam was like. At that time, American merchant ships were constantly under the threat of attack by Muslim pirates on the open seas.

America had never done anything to provoke the attacks, Muslims did it simply because they believed it is their right to do as followers of Allah! That is the reason why Muslims will never assimilate into democratic societies. In Islam’s violent and bloody 1400 year history, it has been estimated that upwards of 670 million people have been slaughtered by Muslims for the crime of not being Muslim!

Source: Twitter

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