PRISON? House GOP Just Dropped The Hammer On Hillary…She’s Coming Unhinged!

It looks like the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails isn’t going away any time soon just because the election is over.

Indeed, if Hillary is criminally liable for her actions as Secretary of State, she definitely should be held responsible and prevented from ever holding office again, not to mention serving a prison term.

For the time being, Committee Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Jason Chaffetz will continue his investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email use at the State Department.

From BuzzFeedNews:

“This was never a political targeting from the beginning. Just because there’s a political election doesn’t mean it goes away. So of course I’m going to continue to pursue that,” Chaffetz said.

He said it remained a priority for the committee, though he noted, “I’ve got a lot of top priorities.”

“It’s potentially one of the largest breaches of security in the history of the State Department. It cannot and should never be repeated again. How was it that so much information was able to migrate out the door? These are still open questions that we need to finish up so they don’t happen again.”

Chaffetz said his committee would also work to hold the Trump administration accountable for potential conflicts of interest.

“My job in this role is not to protect or be a cheerleader for the president. It’s just not. I’m not here to defend him at every turn,” Chaffetz said.

The mainstream media has been going over Donald Trump with a fine toothed comb trying to find a chink in his armor and so far they’ve found very little worth mentioning but Hillary Clinton has been surrounded in scandal her entire political career.

It’s about time her reign ended!

Source: BuzzFeedNews

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