Ethics Committee Launches Explosive Investigation Into America’s Longest Active Serving Democrat — Should Congress Demand His Resignation?

Many Republican voters have arrived at a crossroads of sort in that they are not quite yet willing to concede that the bulk of Americans stand with them in thought and ideology. Yet there are a multitude of signs that suggest that the Rightwing train of thought is exactly what is playing big the nation over and we should look at this with a new enthusiasm.

We know, for instance, that Donald Trump won the election not by cheating, as the Democrats have attempted year after year, but through a pronounced affinity with the values of Americans. Tens of thousands of Democrats de-registered and joined the Republican Party precisely BECAUSE of the Trump/Pence message of Make America Great Again. A plurality of people (including Hispanics) stand with the president on his immigration policies and the military, police, and border patrol agents have only gotten respect from the White House, instead of condescension, derision, and threats of federalization.

That said, is it any wonder that a man who assured us that Donald Trump was a menace to women, and is now being investigated for “serial misogyny,” is losing the support of Republicans and Democrats alike? The longest actively serving Democrat, John Conyers, is now the focus of a House Ethics Committee investigation that may just end his career for good!

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Fox News:

The House Ethics Committee announced Tuesday it has launched an investigation into sexual harassment allegations against Democratic Rep. John Conyers, after he admitted to settling a complaint with an ex-staffer who reportedly said she was fired for rebuffing his advances.

Following the announcement of the investigation, a second woman accused the congressman of sexual harassment, according to BuzzFeed News. The harassment allegedly occurred while she worked for Conyers as a scheduler.

According to the report, the woman filed a lawsuit in February against Conyers, claiming that she received unwelcomed touching “repeatedly and daily” between 2015 and 2016. But she reportedly dropped the lawsuit after a motion to seal the complaint was denied.

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The motion was filed because she did not want to “irreparably harm” Conyers, BuzzFeed reported. 

BuzzFeed News obtained the lawsuit documents but said they redacted the woman’s name to preserve her privacy.

The woman claimed in the lawsuit that the harassment came via inappropriate comments or touching that eventually became “so common and pervasive that they created a hostile work environment,” BuzzFeed News reported.

The harassment reportedly began not long after she began working for Conyers and over time escalated to daily encounters that included, “rubbing on her shoulders, kissing her forehead, covering and attempting to hold her hand,” as well as invitations to his home, she said in the court documents.

She alleged the behavior led her to experience “insomnia, anxiety, depression and chest pains,” BuzzFeed News reported.

The lawsuit also reportedly included a claim that Conyer’s wife called the woman a whore and said she’d wanted to have an affair with the representative.

The accuser eventually took a sick leave of absence in 2016, BuzzFeed reported, during which she claimed files were stolen from her flash drive and given to authority figures.

She ultimately was dismissed from her position after she refused to provide documents corroborating her need to be on leave, citing an “atmosphere of mistrust,” the report said.

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We are being led to believe that a man who has been a “civil rights icon” is not capable of being a “serial misogynist” when it’s all too clear that the so-called stress that he has been experiencing is a symptom of a guilty conscience. If stress over these allegations is enough to send Conyers to the hospital, then something else beneath the surface is at play, because he has tackled much more controversial matters in the past.

I am betting that this matter is quietly resolved in a way that saves face for the House member…perhaps a small reprimand (official, of course) that states that while they have not “definitively” determined that he had committed himself to wrong-doing, the House committee members didn’t want to dismiss the allegations out of hand. Something along those lines, to be sure. However, his career will most certainly end on that sour note.

Source: Fox News

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