Hollywood Walk Of Shame: List of Celebs Moving To Canada Will Shock You…This is Unbelievable!

If we had a dollar for every Hollywood celebrity that “threatened” to move to Canada or some other country if Donald Trump won the election, we’d have quite a lot of cash in our hands, wouldn’t we?

Wouldn’t it also be great if Whoopi Goldberg took the Hollywood liberal flock and led them all to Canada just like Moses led the children of Israel to the Promised Land. They could set up their own little town full of liberal morons where they could all be happy and ignorant.

The FOX News Insider reveals how many celebs have applied to live there:

During the presidential election campaign, a number of celebrities vowed to move elsewhere if Donald Trump won the presidency. Many of these celebrities named the United States’s neighbor to the north, Canada, as their relocation destination.

Now Canada has revealed how many of them followed through on those promises. According to Fox News Insider, the country also known as “The Great White North” has received a mere 28 applications for “Trump-related refugee status” since the election and not one was requested by a celebrity.

Evidently, just wanting to get away from a Trump administration isn’t a good enough reason to be granted ‘political asylum’ and they wouldn’t be allowed to immigrate there purely on that basis.

The celebrities may be uninformed politically, but they know that their celebrity status would disappear quickly in a foreign country. Long story short: they like making the big bucks.

Besides, America is the best place on earth to live!

Source: Independent Journal Review

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