HILARIOUS – Hillary Holiday Party Guest Reveals All: “It was like a…”

Usually when big name liberal politicians throw a party they are celebrating another victory over a slam-dunk election win with great fanfare.

But this party was somber and not quite the wonderful celebration that the Hillary crowd was hoping for.

It sounds as if the party ended the second it started. You won’t believe what a particular guest had to say after the “festivities” were over.

“…the event is said to have felt like a “wake” instead of a party. “It was like a wake with a band,” an unnamed guest said.”

Mad world News recounts:

Since her devastating loss to President-elect Donald Trump in last month’s election, Hillary Clinton has spent much of her time seemingly in hiding. However, she emerged from her cave for a few hours recently to throw a holiday party, but it wasn’t like any celebration that anyone has ever seen, and now, one guest is revealing just what it was like behind closed doors.

Hillary has watched her faithful lemmings fall into hysterics and all but rip apart the Democrat party after her loss. Her holiday party was not much different, and it was almost like a campus group cry-in as opposed to a celebration of the holiday season.

Hillary Clinton wanted to host the extravagant holiday party at Manhattan’s Plaza Hotel to thank her multimillionaire donors, of which there were many, but according to one guest, the event was far from festive. Reportedly, Hillary even arrived looking “glum,” according to Daily Mail…

The party was mostly a pity parade for elite Democrats who needed a group therapy session to cope with Hillary’s loss to real estate mogul, Donald Trump in November’s presidential election. Not many guests seemed happy to attend the “party.” Vogue editor Anna Wintour even hid her face from cameras behind a male companion as she arrived at the event.

Well, it may not have been a happy occasion for her but, as for the rest of us, we’re ecstatic and just happy as a clam not to have Hillary as our president. Not now and not ever!

Source: Mad World News

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