Horrific, Gruesome Discovery Found In Drug Cartel’s SUV…Mexico Races, Rushes To Shut Them Down!

Perhaps when we consider the massive amounts of money that are involved in criminal enterprises such as drug smuggling, we should expect violent and even gruesome acts as rival groups fight over a share of the highly lucrative trade. It all sort of brings back memories of stores of Al Capone and his battles with other gangs to control the illicit liquor trade in Chicago during prohibition.

What we are looking at here, however, is the drug trade, and specifically what is going on south of our border with murder and other violent acts just being part of this illegal business.

In what has to be considered one of the most gruesome actions available to make their point, one faction of a Mexican drug cartel left a pickup truck with dead bodies in trash bags to be discovered along with a note stuck to one of the corpses filled with threats. Somebody was supposed to get the point.

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“The case began when Mexican authorities responded to a highway interception in the suburb of Escobedo in regards to an abandoned SUV, information provided to Breitbart Texas by Nuevo Leon authorities revealed. When authorities arrived they discovered four bodies wrapped in plastic bags and a poster board with a cartel message signed by the Los Zetas faction known as Cartel Del Noreste (CDN).”

When you decide to play in the game of dealing in drugs in Mexico, you’ll only lose once, and it will be for keeps.

“As Breitbart Texas reported, rival factions of Los Zetas cartel have been fighting over lucrative drug distribution and trafficking areas. The fighting has led to a spike in violence where kidnappings, shootouts, and gory executions have become commonplace in the disputed areas.”

This has been going on for so many years, that it has tragically lost much of its shock value. Clearly, matters are out of the control of the Mexican authorities. Perhaps they are overwhelmed by the size and viciousness of these cartels. Or perhaps some of the Mexican law-enforcement personnel are “on the take.” After all, there will always be some cops who are susceptible to a bribe, particularly when your death and the death of your family is the likely alternative.

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“The expletive-filled cartel message claims that the four victims are part of the Los Zetas Old School and that the CDN will continue targeting rivals. Cartel violence continues in Nuevo Leon despite the efforts by state officials to claim that the region is safe and cartel violence has diminished.”

Matters are not getting any better there, and if illegal immigration were not enough reason to build the wall and increase border patrol efforts, then the drug trade is. We are sorry if people get their feelings hurt by our restricting travel to the US from Mexico. However we are persuaded that hurt feelings are preferable to dead bodies.

Source: Breitbart

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