Democrats On A Spending Spree? Guess What They Want To Give Away For Free To All Americans?

Leftist politicians are always trying to angle themselves in a positive way to their constituents by offering a carrot on a stick. Democrats believe if they dangle the word “free” in people’s faces, we’ll fall all over each other trying to get in line to take advantage of whatever they are offering.

They seem to think that we’re all too stupid to understand that “free” just means some other poor, hard-working taxpayer is going to be robbed so that Mr./Mrs. Worthless Politician can buy another vote. Read my lips…..nothing in life is free!

This is what California Senator, Kamala Harris, is trying to do. She and her best bud, Bernie Sanders, are wanting to add yet another financial burden onto taxpayers by providing free college educations to liberal snowflakes. Snowflakes who will probably spend more time protesting Trump than studying.

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From Yes I’m Right:

Have you ever heard the saying “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”? Or, if you’re from the South “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”? Good, now if you know any Democrats, go tell them, because none of them seem to grasp it, especially the politicians.

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These elected officials think that we’re dumb enough to think that if they offer us something for free, we’ll just be so delighted that we will forget it has to come out of someone’s hide. And sadly sometimes they’re right.

This is the case with the socialist Bernie Sanders, and his buddy Kamala Harris. The two of them put forward a bill in the Senate that would make “colleges and universities tuition ­free for the vast majority of Americans.”


The responses were less than enthusiastic:

Everybody seems to get it but the self serving politicians! Why is it so difficult for people get off their butts and earn what they have? Any time a politician gives something away, there is always a cost down the road!

Wouldn’t it be great if people like Bernie and Kamala would be honest about it too?

Source: Yes I’m Right

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