‘Food Stamp Millionaire’ Shows No Remorse – So Judge Adds A Surprise To His Sentencing

You may recall a story from about a ‘Food Stamp Millionaire’ from last year… now we have the follow-up.

Ali Pascal Mahvi is a wealthy businessman and developer living in Ohio.

He owns an $800,000 home with a pool, stable full of horses, undeveloped property in St. Lucia worth tens of millions…

Oh yeah – and he’s the son of an Iranian prince.

So you might be asking yourself, why is this man on food stamps?

Everyone else was wondering the same thing.

Finally, a year after the story broke, we are finally reaching a conviction.

Ali Pascal apparently showed absolutely “no remorse” for defrauding the American people with his welfare scheme.

Now, he supposedly only received around $8,500 in food stamps. With millions flowing through his bank account, it begs the question why?

My personal theory is that he likes to stick it to the American people. It’s not much, but it’s coming straight from our pockets.

So, in addition to the 3 years probation and ~$3000 fine (only 3?), the judge decided he would throw in a surprise.

In turn, Common Pleas Judge Forrest Burt handed out a 30-day jail sentence to the so-called “Food Stamp Millionaire.”

Rich people always seems to get off the hook with fines and probation, but never actually spend time in jail like a normal person.

Well today that changes.

Ali Pascal is going to be spending 30 days contemplating whether or not his $8,500 scheme was really worth it.

I am glad to see this sort of abuse being brought to justice… if you can call it that.

Do you agree with the sentencing or should the judge have been more strict?

COMMENT below and let us know!


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