You Won’t Believe Who The Feds Just Indicted For Trafficking Drugs From China To United States

A few weeks ago, a major bust was performed in New York City that involved a massive amount of a drug known as fentanyl, which is said to be capable to killing someone with just the smallest dosage. The drug haul that was effected in these last few weeks had the potential to kill up to one million Americans!

When Donald Trump was first elected, he stated that he was going to put special emphasis on the busting up of the opioid crisis in America because that was the number one issue in most every community in the country. As is always the case with any of these statements by Trump, it was met with sneering, scoffing, and rolling of the eyes. “To think that Trump thinks he can solve an unsolvable problem!”

Now, it appears that the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is holding up his end of the bargain in so far as Trump is concerned. A major fentanyl bust has just been made, netting a grand total of 2 Chinese Nationals, 5 Canadians, and 3 Americans!

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Independent Journal Review:

The Justice Department (DOJ) announced Tuesday it indicted two Chinese nationals who it called “some of the most significant drug trafficking threats in the world.”

Jian Zhang, 38, and Xiaobing Yan, 40, allegedly operated facilities in China capable of manufacturing fentanyl and distributed massive quantities of the deadly drug, along with other synthetic opioids, to customers in the United States. According to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Zhang’s and Yen’s chemicals allegedly killed and injured Americans across several states.

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The two Chinese nationals face years in prison and millions of dollars in fines.

The case unveiled how Chinese manufacturers could use the internet to send fentanyl and fentanyl analogs to unwitting U.S. consumers. “Unwary or inexperienced users often have no idea that they are ingesting fentanyl until it is too late,” the DOJ said in a release.

Zhang also faced charges relating to four individuals’ deaths and five individuals’ “serious bodily injuries.”
Acting Drug Enforcement Agency Administration Robert W. Patterson conveyed the importance of catching these individuals:

“Xiaobing Yan, Jian Zhang and their respective associates represent one of the most significant drug threats facing the country – overseas organized crime groups capable of producing nearly any synthetic drug imaginable, including fentanyl, and who attempt to hide their tracks with web-based sales, international shipments and cryptocurrency transactions.”

As was previously reported, President Donald Trump declared the opioid epidemic a national emergency and committed to doing “something” about the opioid crisis.

The DOJ’s announcement came after a Monday press conference in which Trump teased a “major announcement” next week related to the opioid crisis.

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Wrapping up these kinds of cases is imperative if we want to make a dent in the criminal activities associated with drugs. These opioids have adversely affected not only inner city populations of serial drug offenders and users, but also rural and remote communities as well.

As the healthcare costs continue to skyrocket, there’s no telling when an end will be in sight to these horrible drugs that continue to plague an already overworked medical industry. If this war on drugs is going to be won, there will need to be more concerted efforts like these to see a difference for our kids.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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