Federal Judge Reveals He Will Go Directly Against President Trump’s Wishes And Give Sanctuary Cities…

Judicial activism has been a plague on US courts for at least decades. To be blunt, what it amounts to is the use of compliant judges to create laws that would never pass the legislature. If this sounds like a corruption of our judicial system, that’s because it is.

Moving a bill through a legislature can be a long and difficult task. Then there is the matter of whether the president, or a governor in the case of a state, will sign the thing. The thought is that there must be a quicker way to create legally binding policy that consumes less resources. Hence, some of the cases that are brought before liberal judges.

Actions by President Trump to outlaw so-called sanctuary cities infuriate liberals as they see a potential gold mine of future Democratic voters being threatened. Since there is no hope of getting Congress to pass legislation to make the actions such cities are taking legal, getting judges to block federal law enforcement and other actions is the method of choice. Hence we should not be surprised to learn that a federal judge plans to order the federal government to release $1.6 million in funding that has been withheld from sanctuary city Philadelphia because it refuses to comply with federal immigration laws.

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“U.S. District Judge Michael Baylson is presiding over the DOJ’s ongoing dispute with Philadelphia over whether Sessions can withhold funds from cities that ignore federal immigration law. DOJ attorneys presented a letter purporting to show that Philadelphia was not meeting requirements for a federal law enforcement grant and Baylson’s response made it very clear where he stood on the case, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

“‘Your letter is wrong,’ said Baylson said in court. ‘You don’t pay attention to what’s going on in Philadelphia.’

‘The DOJ will be forced to pay $1.6 million if Baylson rules in favor of Philadelphia, and the ruling could have wide implications for other sanctuary cities seeking the same federal grant.”

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Few things attract the attention of a liberal more than a potential cut in federal funding. Hence, no one should be surprised by the reactions of liberals running cities such as Philadelphia to cuts in funding for their refusal to cooperate in the enforcement of federal laws.

True to their leftist policies and ideologies, instead of getting on the right side of the law in order to get the federal grants restored, they have chosen to go to court so they can enjoy their subsidies while they flaunt federal law. That judges enable this behavior shows how corrupted the judiciary has become.

“Sessions wants to make the federal funds contingent on cities sharing immigration status data with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials, not barring ICE officials access to police stations, and giving ICE officials 48 hours notice before releasing illegal immigrants from detainment. The DOJ letter shows that Philadelphia limits access to illegal immigrant detainees for ICE agents.”

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None of these requirements are unreasonable or objectionable. That is unless you have an agenda that you believe is more important and that supersedes these rules. And this is precisely what the left has.

Liberals want illegal aliens in their cities so they can be coddled with welfare benefits in anticipation of the day when they can be given voting rights. In other words, this is all about creating liberal voters, and the illegal aliens are simply tools used to accomplish that purpose.

But then using people and tragedies to advance leftist causes is nothing new. Clearly, the American left has no shame.

Source: Daily Caller

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