Federal Government Just Dropped A Whopping 2×4 Of Reality On Sharia Law Lovers — Muslims Are Raging

Many Americans, most of whom are Christian and not Muslim, have not been adequately exposed to the Islamic faith to understand a majority of the terms that are thrown around so furiously regarding customs, faith and behavior. This is especially true with women’s garments that seek to veil the hair and face of the female adherent to Islam.

In Afghanistan, for instance, where many of the villages fall under Taliban rule, the full veil (called the burqa) is used by men to ensure that their women’s entire upper body is completely hidden from sight, including the eyes. Women see through these veils by virtue of a series of intricate stitched patterns around the eyes that act almost like a one-way mirror for the wearer. The near-full veil (called the niqab) is used to ensure that their women’s entire upper body is completely hidden from sight, except for the eyes which can be viewed through a slit in the fabric from left to right. Finally, there’s the head scarf that many are familiar with in this country and in Europe where men ensure that their women’s hair and necks are hidden beneath a fabric garment (called a hijab).

In Europe, with a plurality of people behind the sentiment that too many Muslim refugees and immigrants are making their way into their countries and uprooting ages-old European culture to supplant it with softened versions of Sharia Law, politicians have been more heavily leaning toward the banning of these full face and nearly-full face garments in favor of common sense legislation that ensures the safety of its populace in order to be able to recognize a person by their facial features. Denmark has now become yet another European nation to enact the burqa ban!

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The Daily Caller:

Denmark is preparing a ban on full-face coverings such as the niqab and the burqa after a majority of parliament backed a law change Friday.

A majority of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have announced their intention to vote in favor of what local media calls a “Burqa ban.” France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria have all imposed similar restrictions in recent years with politicians citing oppression of women as one of the main reasons.

“Oppression of women is extremely illiberal,” Jan E. Jørgensen of the Danish Left party told public broadcaster DR.

“On the other hand, it’s also extremely illiberal to tell people what they can and can’t wear.”

Jakob Ellemann-Jensen of Denmark’s center-right government said the ban was not particularly aimed at religions clothing.

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“This is not a ban on religious clothing, this is a ban on masking,” Ellemann-Jensen told reporters.

Austria’s burqa ban took effect Sunday as part of a number of “integration laws” passed in May. The government said the laws are meant to teach immigrants “acceptance and respect of Austrian values.”

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Although Austria has just taken these steps, these two countries are taking action just behind the other most recent bans on these Muslim garments, including the Netherlands, Egypt, Chad, Italy, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, and Switzerland. As well, China has just cracked down in very strident measures where Muslim residents of the region of Uyghur (which borders such countries as Russia, India, Iran, Pakistan and Mongolia) have been ordered to place their holy books (Qurans) and prayer mats into the hands of the authorities in order to battle what they’re calling “extremism.” Despite the government’s official claims that this is not so, many humanitarian organizations have confirmed that this is in fact occurring.

The bans on burqas and niqabs are a reaction to a multitude of incidents where male members of the Islamic faith who are terror suspects are literally dressing up in these women’s garments to avoid detection and to escape from certain regions under surveillance. As well, these garments worn by women have been used to hide their identity after an attack on an authority figure (police officers and such) on the streets. These bans are common sense laws that assist in assimilation, a completely rational and well-though-out process of integration of one people into the culture of another. Leftists have always been about segregation, but perhaps it’s time for the party of “tolerance” to begin climbing out of the Medieval Age and Regressivism and crawl back into the 21st Century.

Source: The Daily Caller

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