Massive Sex Scandal Erupts In Texas — The Judge Just Handed Down 1,000 Years’ Worth Of Prison Time

There are shocking crimes and then, there are horrifyingly and wretchedly heart-wrenching crimes. While the shocking crimes are those that are talked about for years and years, the others are those where there are no words to describe how sad you may feel for the victims.

An example of a shocking crime is when mob violence claims another member of organized crime in the streets where a car bomb has gone off or a restaurant is sprayed with bullets. The heart-rending crimes are those like the one depicted in “A Boy Called It” where a little boy goes from a broken home and a mother who is cruel beyond words to a broken foster care system and manages to survive to adulthood despite all the abuse and unbelievable misery.

In Texas, a couple of very young girls learned a disgustingly terrible lesson to which they should never have been exposed. A man who was a family member of these two girls was apprehended after literally years of sexually assaulting and abusing a nine and a ten-year-old girl! Facing a judge for sentencing, Robert Benjamin Franks, was handed a 1,000+ year judgment for his horrific crimes!

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Independent Journal Review:

In June of 2016, Robert Benjamin Franks, who is now 39, was arrested after a 9-year-old girl told her father that Franks was doing “disgusting things” to her and another 10-year-old girl.

News 4 San Antonio reported that the 9-year-old claimed Franks would dole out punishments that consisted of spankings and forced her to perform oral sex.

According to My San Antonio, the 10-year-old originally denied the claim, but during a checkup with the sexual assault nursing examiner said Franks sexually abused her for years. Both of the girls were reportedly Franks’s family members.

Franks was initially charged with two counts of continuous sexual abuse and a further investigation yielded additional charges that included nine counts of aggravated sexual assault and six counts of indecency with a child.

News 4 San Antonio reported that during the trial, a third victim who is now an adult testified that she was also abused when she was 10 years old.

On Monday, after an hour-long deliberation, Franks was convicted and sentenced to a total of 1,011 years in prison. According to My San Antonio, he was given two life sentences for continual sexual abuse, 99 years for each count of aggravated sexual assault and 20 years for each count of indecency with a child.

CBS News Austin reported that Judge Jack Robinson ordered that the sentences be served consecutively and the jury also ordered Franks to pay $120,000 in fines.

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While it’s not quite clear how the victims were related to Franks, what is clear is that this man was trusted by the family to be protecting those children. As it turns out, he was doing anything but protecting them and someone in the family found out and he was arrested.

This is a crime that has stolen an innocence from children who ought not ever to be concerned with these real-life horrors and devils. These girls have been forever scarred and afflicted because of the selfishness and evil of a single individual who, in my opinion, doesn’t deserve a life behind a bars, but a lifetime of horrific punishment. Of course, that’s not my call, but God’s, and Franks’ day will come soon.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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