Democrats Want To Take Away President Trump’s Constitutional Rights — Americans Are Jeering

So, let me get this straight: One nation in the world has blatantly threatened to attack and kill millions of people in three other nations by striking them with nuclear weapons and the president responded by saying the US won’t stand for that…and the Democrats are hopping mad…at Donald Trump?

The Fake News Industrial Complex has ensured that a 24/7 news cycle is dedicated to the destruction and delegitimization of the Trump presidency and now the Democrats are working on their Congressional end to ensure that each and every edict, law, bill, order or act of the Trump agenda is defeated, in absolute defiance of the American people.

The newest action by the Democrats is an attempt to tie the hands of the both the president and the secretary of defense by disallowing them to defend and protect the United States. The Democrats have deemed themselves more supremely qualified to make judgment calls on behalf of the military by justifying the introduction of a bill that will not allow our generals or the president to order a first strike in the case that North Korea is planning an imminent strike!

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Independent Journal Review:

On Thursday, Democratic lawmakers introduced legislation that would prevent the Defense Department from using funds to attack North Korea without Congressional approval or an attack by the North Koreans on the United States or its allies.

The bill, titled “No Unconstitutional Strike Against North Korea Act,” has the support of at least 60 members of Congress but is unlikely to pass the Senate or House of Representatives. According to the Guardian, the legislation has very little support in either chamber of Congress.

Both of the bill’s sponsors — Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) and Sen. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) — justified the legislation by pointing to what they described as President Donald Trump’s reckless behavior in response to the situation in North Korea.

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“President Trump’s provocative and escalatory rhetoric, with threats to unleash ‘fire and fury’ and ‘totally destroy’ North Korea, cannot be allowed to turn into reality,” Markey said in a press release.

Conyers cautioned that Trump should de-escalate his fiery rhetoric and pursue diplomacy. “Trump must immediately cease talk of pre-emptive war and commit to the diplomatic path advocated by both American experts and the South Korean government,” he said.

The legislation came amid a visit by Defense Secretary James Mattis to the border between North and South Korea. While visiting the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) on Friday, Mattis slammed the North Korean regime as “oppressive” and warned that diplomacy needed backing from military force.

“Ultimately, our diplomats have to be backed up by strong soldiers and sailors, airmen and Marines so they speak from a position of strength, of combined strength, of alliance strength, shoulder to shoulder,” he said.

Earlier in October, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) suggested that Congress should condition a pre-emptive strike on Congressional approval. “Now is time – before it’s too late – for Rs and Ds to make clear no preemptive strike against NK can happen without a vote by Congress,” he tweeted.

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When it comes to idiocy, the Democrats have made an art form out of it, and have declared themselves the foremost experts on all things military. Everyone remembers the JFK Bay of Pigs, the Jimmy Carter recovery of the Iran hostages, the Bill Clinton bombing of the aspirin factory and the Barack Hussein Obama ISIS enablement and Benghazi…colossal successes all!

All right, perhaps the Democrats don’t have the best track record when it comes to military endeavors. But do they have to ensure that the Republicans fail militarily as well. Maybe…just maybe…they can keep their hands off the grenade launchers for more than a couple of years? I mean, Obama is out of office for less than a year! Can’t they keep their grubby mitts off the military for a little more time?

Source: Independent Journal Review

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