Democrats Just Took ‘Something’ Away From Hillary, And Now Clinton Is Boiling Mad

Queen Hillary may not be wearing her crown that she had specially made for November 8th, 2016, and she may not be sitting upon the throne that she had erected in a top secret warehouse in downtown Washington DC, but she is contemplating the reasons for her loss in a whole new light.

With the ever-growing surety that the Russian-collusion investigation will probably be going nowhere, there is a sense that Hillary will not be getting to sit upon that special throne any time soon. Yet, her understanding of why she lost (in her eyes) is giving her clarity on where she should go from here.

The superdelegate system just wasn’t foolproof enough. She needs to take even more control of that system the next time around. However, there is a problem. A new panel inside the Democrat Party has been looking seriously at the superdelegate system and has determined that it may not be doing things the same way, next time around. In fact, Hillary may not even stand a chance with the new system! And boy, that has sent her into a FURY!

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Conservative Tribune:

Disgruntled Democrats who believe Hillary Clinton unethically earned — or stole — the Democrat presidential nomination last year just received some terrific news.

The Associated Press reported Friday that Democrats are considering moving forward with a plan that would limit the influence of “superdelegates,” i.e., party leaders and elected officials who during the primaries voted overwhelmingly in Clinton’s favor despite a groundswell of support for her challenger, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“But under the new rules, those superdelegates would have to tie their votes on the convention’s first ballot to the outcome of primaries and caucuses,” the AP reported. “In 2016, all superdelegates were allowed to support either candidate.”

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And most chose Clinton, and we already know why.

As former interim Democrat National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazille explained in her book published last month, in 2015 the DNC struck a deal with Clinton that granted her full authority over it.

Clinton pulled this off by crafting a fundraising agreement between the Democrat National Committee and her own fundraising organizations that “specified that in exchange for raising money and investing in the DNC, Hillary would control the party’s finances, strategy, and all the money raised,” Brazile wrote.

Clinton essentially transformed herself into the DNC’s queen, and everybody within the party just followed along like sheep.

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This new system of course is not an automatic and there’s going to be much wrangling about how to proceed. However, something occurred to me while reading about this new endeavor. If Donald Trump stole the election (as they’re claiming) why would there be a need for revising of the superdelegate system?

Think about it: According to Democrats, Hillary was the better and stronger candidate. She was smart, amazingly engaged, and healthy as an ox! If she was all these things and more, why change a system? She was robbed of the election by a man who worked with the Russians. The system of superdelegates had nothing to do with the status of the election…if you believe that Trump colluded. Why the need for a change? I smell hypocrisy.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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