Crazy Traitor John McCain Believes America’s Greatest Threat Is NOT ISIS. Guess What He Thinks It Is?!

John McCain has no business being in the Senate, or in any position of political importance. Not only does his presence desecrate the seat that once belonged to Berry Goldwater, but he is a warmonger and thus a danger to our nation and the peoples of the world. While he has plenty of company in that regard, so consumed with war is McCain that he makes statements that are just nonsense.

You would think that a man who saw the atrocities of war personally as he did in Vietnam, would be eager to prevent other young Americans from having a similar experience unless there were no other choice. Instead, this maniac seems to be looking for reasons to send American servicemen and servicewomen into battle, in particular against a nuclear armed Russia.

In fact, Mr. McCain claims that Russia represents a greater danger to the us than ISIS, and consequently wants even more provocative sanctions imposed against the nation.

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“In an interview with ABC News Australia, Senator John McCain showed his age when he told the world who he believes is America’s number one enemy.

“Speaking of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the threat he poses to global security in his opinion, McCain said, ‘I think he is the premier and most important threat, more so than ISIS.’

“‘I think ISIS can do terrible things… but it’s the Russians who are trying, who tried to destroy the very fundamental of democracy and that is to change the outcome of an American election,’ he continued.”

But Mr. McCain has previously admitted he has no evidence of Russia’s alleged involvement in our election. This fact does not deter him, however.

You can watch this nut job in action in the following video:

No question about it, Mr. McCain has it in for Vladimir Putin. This is not to say Mr. Putin is a nice guy, or a champion of US interests. President Reagan’s policy regarding the old Soviet Union that doesn’t even exist any more is still wise counsel, “Trust but Verify.”

But to go around threatening sanctions and even military action against Russia for an alleged offense that in six months of investigation has produced no evidence of having been perpetrated is reckless. It would have been nice if the Republicans in Arizona had selected an actual conservative in the primaries instead of McCain.

Instead of that, Senate Republicans should boot him from his committee chairmanship. He would be able to do less damage to our Republic that way.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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