BREAKING: Muslim Country Drops Devastating Blow On ISIS Refugees…Trump Proven Right Again!

During his election campaign, President Trump made a promise to his supporters that he would ban immigration from countries plagued by terrorism.

Yet, when he tried to do just that, America’s 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against him, effectively stopping the ban from being enforced.

What’s remarkable is that other countries are following Trump’s lead on protecting their citizens!

Just days after the court upheld it’s block on Trump’s travel ban, we learn that Saudi Arabia has deported nearly 40,000 Pakistani refugees for fears of them having connections to terrorist organizations like ISIS!

King Salman of Saudi Arabia

Via the Middle East Monitor:

Saudi Arabia has deported almost 40,000 Pakistanis over the past four months, claiming that they could be involved in the commission of terrorist acts, reported on Friday.

Over 39,000 Pakistanis have been deported from Saudi Arabia in the last four months, the Saudi Gazette reported on Tuesday.

The deportations were attributed to visa violations, crime and security concerns linking the deportees to terrorist organisations, but come amid a background of migrant worker unrest that has plagued the kingdom over the past year.

Citing “informed security sources”, the Saudi Gazette said that a number of the Pakistanis deported were linked to the Daesh group or terrorist activities [ISIS]. Others were deported over crimes including drug trafficking, theft, forgery and physical assault…

…Saudi officials have called for a rigorous vetting process before allowing foreign workers into the kingdom.

President Trump is trying to do the right thing here in protecting Americans from terrorist violence by ordering the travel ban.

But again, self righteous Liberals are too full of themselves to even consider what the rest of the world either already knows, or is presently learning the hard way.

That allowing in unvetted immigrants from countries considered filled with radical Islamic terrorists is a recipe for a disaster of monumental proportions!

The question is, “Will America have to learn the hard way too?”

Source: Mad World News

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