Convicted Rapist Laughs At Victims’ Families In Court, Then Judge Gives Him Something To Really ‘Laugh’ About

There’s nothing worse than a criminal who is not remorseful, particularly when the crime committed is one against another person who did nothing more than breathe in the same space as a depraved coward. And the illegal alien issue that is roiling in this country will not go away any time soon, thanks to sanctuary cities that are working to protect these criminal illegals.

The issue will not go away simply because the illegals continue to commit massive felonies on top of the crimes already committed by jumping the border. Once inside the country, many of these animals are quite at home in the seediest reaches of the inner cities, waiting to spring their traps on unsuspecting people who are doing no more than going about their daily lives.

Because Portland, Oregon is a massively Liberal city, run by legislators who would very likely turn a blind eye to any crime committed by an illegal alien, a degenerate named Sergio Jose Martinez, a 20-TIME DEPORTED ILLGAL, who had on two previous occasions committed assaults against two different women, broke into a 65-year-old woman’s home and brutally raped her repeatedly. As he sat in the courtroom, he smiled at the judge and at the family of the victim. But the judge wasn’t finished!

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Mad World News:

A 20-time deportee was in for a bit more than he bargained after coming to court to answer for his crimes. As it turns out, the twisted deviant decided to laugh when confronted about violently raping two different women – but it didn’t last long as the judge wiped the smug grin off his face for good.

Mad World News previously reported about Sergio Jose Martinez, an illegal immigrant who had been deported a whopping 20 separate times before making his way back to America each time. Unfortunately, the criminal was able to seek refuge in Portland, Oregon, which is a sanctuary city, but he would give the town quite the horrific “thank you” in return.

In all, the deviant criminal raped two separate women. First, the man broke into the home of a 65-year-old woman where he tied her up and raped her repeatedly at knifepoint. When he was finally bored, he took his victim’s car and was able to get away.

Sadly, it wasn’t long before Martinez found himself in the mood to rape again and decided to see where else he could take advantage of an unsuspecting woman. After lurking around in an underground parking garage, another victim eventually came along, prompting the man to strike again.

However, things took a bizarre turn as another man took the stand. One of the women’s brothers told Martinez, “Sergio, no sentencing is enough…I rather you rot in hell.” Instead of showing signs of guilt or remorse though, the perverted deviant began to laugh and could be seen with a large smile on his face, according to CBS KOIN 6.

Too bad for him, his pleasure in the family’s suffering would be short-lived as the judge quickly wiped the smug grin off his face for good. In the end, Martinez was sentenced to 35 years behind bars, meaning he could likely spend the rest of his life in a cage – a reality that quickly set in.

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As this reprobate departed the courtroom, he turned to the family of the victim and said, “I’ll see you all in hell.” It was meant to be an intimidation tactic, but as it is, this man named Sergio is going to find that there are a lot of men in prison who would like nothing better than to have some private time with him.

Hell will certainly seem like a better alternative to what he is about to be subjected to and he will be begging for forgiveness after the reality of his situation finally sinks into his thick skull. Even more so, the city of Portland should be humiliated for their handling of this man and how he has now ruined multiple lives for the sake of Oregon’s pro-illegal stance.

Source: Mad World News

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