OMG! Congressman Strikes, Sabotages President Trump! He Just Held Town Hall, Taught Illegals How To…WHOA!

There are a number of matters for which the left should be called to account. In fact, that number is so high that we must circumscribe things in order to fit the discussion into one article. So, we’ll deal with the left’s promotion of illegal immigration and obstruction of justice.

There is no argument over whether these migrants in question enter the country illegally. The problem is that the liberals know that, and not only are not bothered by the violation of federal laws, but are quite happy to conspire to obstruct the implementation of those laws. This they do with their so-called sanctuary cities, which are no more than havens to which illegals can flee, and where local governments will try to prevent federal agents from apprehending these criminals.

To take this obstruction of justice to an even more offensive level, one congressman has held a meeting in his district to teach illegals how to avoid capture by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. In other words, now we have not only local officials conspiring to violate federal immigration laws, but a congressman doing the same.

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“Illegal aliens and immigration activists came out for a town hall-style meeting in Southern California on Tuesday night, which was hosted by Rep. Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana).”

The purpose of the meeting?

According to Breitbart News, Michael Hvidston of the anti-illegal immigration group “We the People Rising” said the “‘Immigration Workshop’ was scheduled to feature a controversial slide presentation which ‘instructs illegal aliens how to respond to immigration authorities in order to avoid arrest and deportation.'”

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Congressman Correa, by hosting an event designed to teach illegal aliens how to obstruct federal law enforcement agents in the performance of their responsibilities should be removed from Congress and face criminal charges.

“Teaching illegal aliens how to avoid detection by ICE at a meeting being held under the seal of a US Congressman is wrong,” Hvidston said.

Mad World News continues: Teaching illegals how to evade deportation is tantamount to endorsing criminal activity, and Correa should be ashamed of himself. He may be from one of the most liberal states in the country, but it is not befitting of a U.S. Congressman to advocate for breaking the law. He deserves to lose his seat, just as much as those in the country illegally deserve to be deported.

And Americans should vote out every office holder who endangers our country by their reckless support of open borders and the harboring of criminals who violate our immigration laws.

Source: Mad World News

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