It’s Official: Look Who Just Closed Their Borders

Not every country is intent on committing national and cultural suicide, although it certainly looks like Germany and France are following that path.

However, there are nations that are bucking this trend of homogenizing many cultures into a few, or of capitulating to the cultural demands of immigrants who, while ironically supported by the left, are utterly intolerant of other belief systems. Militant Islam would be an example of such an intolerant ideology.

Austria is having none of this. It has closed its borders by means of such strategies as border checks, barriers, and even military force to stop Muslims from entering the country via Italy. How brilliant of the Austrian leadership to ban intolerant migrants from infiltrating into their country.

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“Austria will ‘very soon’ impose border checks and deploy soldiers on its frontier with Italy if the influx of migrants across the Mediterranean does not slow, Vienna’s defence minister was quoted as saying Monday.

“‘I expect that very soon border controls will be activated and that a assistance deployment (by the military) will be requested,’ Hans Peter Doskozil told the online edition of the Krone daily.”

Austria believes itself a sovereign nation and intends to behave as such. Not only that, its government is looking out for Austrians, something that seems like a reasonable thing to do.

The problem is that Muslim migrants are pouring into Italy, and Austria can see what happens next – the overflow will come streaming through the Brenner Pass into their country. They want nothing to do with that. And why should they? Italy needs to get control of its own borders or live with the consequences, not shove the problem off on other nations.

“Nearly 85,000 migrants and refugees have arrived in Italy by sea this year, the UN refugee agency said earlier Monday. More than 2,000 others have died or gone missing on the perilous crossing.

“‘This is not sustainable. We need to have other countries joining Italy and sharing that responsibility,’ Vincent Cochetel, the UNHCR’S special envoy for the central Mediterranean, told reporters in Geneva.”

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Of course it’s not sustainable. But, as usual, the UN has the wrong solution. It is for Italy to load them on boats and take them back to where they came from. Eventually, they’ll get the message that Italy will not take migrants unless they arrive lawfully.

And if the UN is such a benefit to nations in distress, perhaps it should march into those Muslim nations from which their citizens are fleeing and straighten them out so their people no longer wish to leave. Good luck with that.

“The comments from the centre-left Doskozil come ahead of early elections in Austria in October when the anti-immigration far-right is forecast to do well and potentially emerge as the biggest party.”

You can hardly blame the Austrians for this. They see what havoc is being wrought by migrants in other European nations, and have decided they want no part of it.

It seems like a lot of very perceptive and intelligent people live in Austria. And perhaps, thanks to President Trump, they were encouraged by the US working to build a southern border, that they felt they should do the same.

Source: Breitbart

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