They Caught Her! Look Who Border Patrol Just Arrested

It doesn’t look like Border Patrol is going to run out of work anytime soon. With the open border policies of the Obama administration, illegals flooded into the United States. Hence, the number of those in America in violation of our laws must be considerable.

Not only that, a portion of these folks are engaged in criminal activities such as drug smuggling, offering even more job security for law enforcement personnel. In some cases, whole families are engaged in some form criminal activity, as we just witnessed in Southern California.

Twenty-two year old Claudia Rueda, herself an advocate for illegal immigration, has just been arrested for violation of the terms of her visa. Her parents are under arrest for drug smuggling. Just the sort of people Mr. Obama welcomed to America.

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“According to the Los Angeles Times and other sources, Claudia Rueda, currently enrolled at Cal State L.A. with a focus on Latin American studies, ‘was taken into custody [Thursday] while moving her family’s car outside their Boyle Heights home, and late Thursday, she was being held by the U.S. Border Patrol at a detention facility near San Diego, according to her attorney, Monika Langarica.'”

Image result for Claudia Rueda arrestedNote the name of the organization supporting Ms. Rueda: “The Democratic Socialists of America’s Los Angeles Chapter is alleging in a Facebook post and on its website that Rueda was arrested as a form of retaliation for her activism, and has launched a ‘Free Claudia’ campaign.”

Ms. Rueda may have called attention to herself by her activism, but she overstayed her visa which is against the law.

Here’s a portion of the official statement issued by Customs Border Protection:

“Rueda is the daughter of Teresa Vidal-Jaime and Hugo Rueda, who are also connected to the narcotics smuggling organization that was the subject of the investigation. Ms. Vidal-Jaime and Mr. Rueda were both arrested on April 24, pursuant to the discovery of 33 pounds of cocaine and $630,000 in illicit U.S. currency. Agents arrested Ms. Vidal-Jaime for an immigration violation and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. arrested Mr. Rueda for state narcotics charges.”

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Liberals are famous for promoting dangerous causes, the results of which they do not have to live with. The violence that comes with drug dealing isn’t going to touch the Obamas or the Clintons, so encouraging open borders is a no-risk proposition for them as they seek to increase the number of Democratic voters.

And that’s what this is about, building the Democratic Party through illegal immigration. It’s a sad commentary on what its leaders must think is necessary for their party to prevail. However, President Trump is now here to stop these heinous crimes, once and for all!

Source: Breitbart

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