Watch Tucker Carlson Drop STUPENDOUS Truth Bomb On Illegal Immigrant Sympathizers…They Are SPEECHLESS!

Some people seem to require that they be told the same thing numerous times before they finally get it. This furor over President Trump’s immigration policy and enforcement actions is a terrific example of liberals being unwilling to accept the facts. President Trump has not invented anything new. He is simply planning on turning up the heat on existing enforcement activities and more vigorously prosecuting existing laws.

President Trump ran on a platform that included increased enforcement of immigration laws. That he has announced plans to do so now that he is president should come as no surprise. What might be a surprise, however, to his detractors would be some of the actions of his predecessor, Mr. Obama.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News recently put the deportation of illegal aliens under the Trump administration in proper perspective – watch below. “But just some context — so, during the Obama administration, over eight years, that administration deported about 2 million illegal aliens from this country. The majority of those were people with felony records. So in the last year, I think they deported something like 170,000 in one year. In the last five days in California, part of the reason for this hysteria, ICE arrested 165 people — 165. So that’s the crackdown.”

If President Trump plans a real crackdown on illegal aliens, it’s not obvious that it has started from the arrests we’ve seen so far. Hence, the left’s fits of anguish over the arrest of 165 people in California just look silly.

The wild accusations from the left that Trump is ordering the mass rounding up of those even remotely suspected to be in violation of immigration laws are false. We get that they oppose increased enforcement of laws governing foreign nationals entering and remaining in the United States. Perhaps they would like to see those laws amended. But claims need to be based in reality, not in hysteria.

It is hoped that Mr. Trump does do what he promised and secure the nation’s borders as well as deport illegal aliens, starting with those who have committed crimes. Once that happens we’ll notice, and the left can throw a fit. But at least their unjustified criticism will be leveled at something that actually exists in the real world as opposed to things that exist only in their imaginations.

Source: Breitbart

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