‘Sanctuary’ California Drops Shocking Announcement On America…Donald Is Completely Stunned!

Leave it to California to either originate a radical idea or to take an existing one to extremes. There is something about that state that generates great creativity as well as some of the most liberal politics in the nation. Certainly, they have company in supporting leftist politics in states such as Massachusetts, but the sheer size of the state both economically and in terms of population make it a major force in American cultural and political life.

This is the state where the idea of seceding from the union has taken root and has grown into a movement which is likely to get enough support in terms of signatures to actually bring this to a vote over the next couple of years. While it is neither clear whether such a proposal would pass, nor how the US government would react should the people actually vote to secede, it’s an incredible move just to get it on the ballot.

Although they may not have thought through the economic impact of mass immigration into their state, it’s clear that leadership in California is intent on pursuing just that. In fact, not only does the state have sanctuary cities, but it is being proposed to turn the entire state into a sanctuary for illegal migrants.

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Reports are that, “California may prohibit local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities, creating a border-to-border sanctuary in the nation’s largest state as legislative Democrats ramp up their efforts to battle President Donald Trump’s migration policies.”

The idea is to take the sanctuary policies of cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco and make them effective state-wide. And they are not wasting time: “The Democratic legislation, written by Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon of Los Angeles, comes up for debate less than a week after Trump signed an order threatening to withdraw some federal grants from jurisdictions that bar officials from communicating with federal authorities about someone’s immigration status.”

Of course, this should be called precisely what it is: outright rebellion. The state is about to make a law that makes it illegal for state and local law enforcement officials to comply with federal law. Not only that, since these immigrants they are harboring are in the country illegally, they are conspiring to violate federal immigration laws as a part of office policy.

This is as remarkable as it is outrageous. In light of the discussion earlier in this piece about secession, could this be seen as one step in that direction? Defying the federal government over immigration laws stems from the same thinking as the secession movement. A coincidence or not?

Source: CBS News

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