BOOM! Trump Order Would Do One Brilliant Thing To Welfare System…Liberals Will Go INSANE!

Whenever illegal immigrants set foot upon American soil, the first people they see are the immigration officials who ensure they get all the information they need to apply for public assistance benefits.

These benefits include housing, healthcare, food, and counseling on how they can apply for even more freebies Uncle Sam has to offer at taxpayers’ expense.

President Trump, however, may have something to say about how much longer that welfare gravy train will continue to run.

Via Right Wing News:

Strict welfare limits are a focus for President Trump, and the welfare to immigrants is a critical item on his agenda.

A copy of a draft order reported by The Washington Post earlier this month (subscription required) and being circulated among cabinet members seeks to address what the order describes as a massive burden on the American taxpayer.

The order calls for immigrants “likely to need certain types of public aid” to be identified prior to entry, and for immigrants already using those services to be deported.

The draft order also requires strict financial responsibility for relatives who promised to support immigrants who are instead now relying on social aid.

The potential savings estimated by the order are as high as “$100 billion,” although little data exists to support that figure.

“He [Trump] would literally be taking food out of the mouths of babes,” Kevin Appleby of the Center for Migration Studies told The Washington Post.

That sentiment perfectly illustrates the mindset of America’s Liberals, who so easily give away millions of American taxpayer dollars to foreigners that have no consideration or respect for American culture and traditions.

All they care about is getting that free handout from the suckers of the Red, White and Blue!

One last thing for all the Liberals who think Trump is evil and America’s immigration laws are unfair: “You cannot emigrate to Canada even from the U.S. if you do not already have a job, a place to live, and a Canadian citizen to vouch for you.”

Sounds to me like America’s immigration laws aren’t so terrible, after all!

Source: Right Wing News

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