Boom! Border Wall Has 1 Shocking Feature That Enrages Illegals

The concern those on the left have about President Trump’s promised border wall is not that it will be a failure, too expensive, or won’t work. That’s not their problem at all. Their concern is the opposite, that the thing will work, that it will be successful in reducing illegal immigration.

Liberals have good reason for this concern. Not only is there an excellent chance that the wall will dramatically curb in flow of illegals entering the United States, but that in so doing, it will curtail an influx of potential new Democratic voters which is the real issue.

Supporters of President Trump and of secure borders need only look to the border wall between Hungary and Croatia. This wall hasn’t just reduced the number of migrants crossing the border. It is completely stopped the flow. The implication is that the same will happen here.

hungary fence dog

“In 2015 Hungary erected a border fence. By October officials said no migrants had breached the fence Hungary built on its border with Croatia on the first day of operation.

“The fence includes razor wire to deter migrants from entering.

“No migrants have breached the fence since the border was closed.”

During the month of September 2015 there was a total number of 138,396 migrant entries, and by the first two weeks of November the average daily number of intercepted migrants decreased to only 15, which is a daily reduction of more than 4,500. (Rendorseg)

Via Reddit The Donald:

To return to the theme on which this piece began, it’s not that the border wall won’t work, but that it will that troubles the left.

No doubt there are among those objecting to the wall some who truly would like to see a world where all its peoples are able to live in harmony. Where border walls don’t exist because borders don’t matter anymore. The problem with that is it is not realistic for the same reason houses have doors and locks, banks have vaults, and we are inundated with passwords. Not everyone has noble intentions.

The other group unhappy with the border wall consists of leftists who are not so much concerned about people living in harmony as they are in political power. Gaining the power to govern is part of what politics is all about. However, we insist it be done legally. That means changing minds during campaigns. It does not mean flooding the country with illegals who can be counted on to repay their benefactors at that ballot box once they gain voting rights.

In other words, as the border wall goes up, the left is going to have to look for different way of gaining a few million new Democratic voters.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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