Bombshell: Latest Michigan Recount Results Are In… And One Candidate Is In BIG Trouble

Let’s take a moment and enter the mind of Jill Stein (difficult to do, I know). She is a perennial candidate, losing election after election, but yet her drive for power, money, and influence will distract her to do anything. Seeing the Democrats lose mightily this election cycle allows her to see that the stars will not align for her rise to fame for the next several years, as We The People have set their sights on better things than the horrendous liberal agenda.

So how in the world can she maintain her notoriety and keep her constituency of 1.06%? By demanding a recount in the three states assumed to be Hillary Clinton’s on Election Night, but Donald Trump won them instead. Stein has accrued more headlines in the past few weeks than prior to her presidential run. She claims that she is doing this on behalf of the American voter, and ironically, she has proved herself correct!

Thanks to Jill Stein’s efforts in pushing for a recount in Michigan, voter fraud was found in Detroit, with Hillary Clinton coming out as the winner.

As Yes I’m Right reports:

According to the Detroit News, voting machines in more than one-third of Detroit precincts counted more votes than the actual number of voters who showed up.

Republican lawmakers in the state called for a probe last week after reports that a Wayne County precinct reported 306 votes, but had only 50 ballots. 

And you’ll never guess who won in that county by a landslide. Yup! Hillary Clinton! And you guessed it, this is once again the Democrats trying to steal the election by stuffing ballot boxes full of fraudulent votes.

Special appreciation goes out to the Green Party for taking the time and effort to reveal to us what we’ve known for a long time: the Democrats will do anything to win. At least justice was served this election cycle and those responsible for their heinous acts in Detroit will be found.

We’ll wait and see if Stein is smart and distances herself from Clinton, or will she try to find another opportunistic way to make herself known? Time will tell.

Source: Yes, I’m Right

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