Should Congress Work To Remove Judge That Blocked Trump’s Order To Defund Sanctuary Cities?

Judge William Orrick III has made quite a name for himself these past few months.

In the appeals process a few months ago, he and his fellow Ninth District judges, in the appeals process, refused to uphold President Trump’s first travel ban executive order. Now, he has stopped the order which would allow the federal government to defund sanctuary cities, cities that are allowing the protection of fugitive illegal aliens, which has done more harm than good in our country.

On top of all of that, we have discovered that this particular judge is not making his decision on an impartial basis, as he has worked to raise money for former President Obama and donate funds to organizations that support Obama.

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Now knowing his very political side, is it time for Congress to hold this judge accountable by means of an impeachment process to remove him?

Should Congress Work To Remove Judge That Blocked Trump's Order To Defund Sanctuary Cities?

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