You’ll Never Believe What We Just Discovered! Guess Who Wants Bill, Hillary Investigated For Illegal Russia Ties?

It’s not good news for the Clintons, but by now they ought to be used to it.

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One of the world’s most famous political couples also has serious trust issues. This didn’t stop Bill from being elected president twice, but Hillary somehow couldn’t close the deal when it came to becoming president. Her career is marred by two shocking defeats, one to Barack Obama in the primaries, and the more devastating one being her loss to Donald Trump in the general election.

Perhaps because she telegraphed her intentions of becoming president decades before she actually ran that the nation had time to consider such a calamity and decide to oppose the idea. Whatever reason, it is clear that a substantial part of America cannot stand the woman. Now we learn that a slim majority has such little confidence in the Clintons’ integrity, that they want them investigated over the Russia scandal.

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The news comes from the respected market and opinion research organization Rasmussen Reports. This is about as evenly divided as it gets. Yet it would appear that a thin majority believe that where there is a Clinton there is corruption, and want the couple investigated. “However, 52% believe Bill and Hillary Clinton’s private dealings with Russian officials should be included in the FBI and congressional investigation of the Trump campaign.”

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Of course none of this implies that we will see Bill or Hillary before Congress testifying under oath about any participation they might have bad in these sordid affairs. And any testimony that they would be required to give would no doubt be met with their signature denials of wrongdoing, well-honed over many years being the subject of official investigations.

And goodness knows how slimy Bill Clinton’s answers would become, as he was able to get himself off scot-free during his impeachment proceedings!

Regardless of the outcome, it would be almost nostalgic to see them once again before investigators, expressing their shock that anyone would even consider that they might have done something corrupt or illegal. So like enjoying an old movie again, perhaps seeing them interrogated one more time might be a fitting close as their political careers come to an end.

Source: Rasmussen Reports

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