WHOA! Look Who Just Banned Burqas! Radical Muslims Are Raging!

With many Muslim refugees entering western countries to protect themselves from their own war-torn countries, some of these radical Muslims have become significant problems for those of us in the west.

Currently radical Muslims have gone so far as to take money from these western countries in the form of welfare, refuse to find a job, and force their own Sharia law over and above the current law of the land. So one country has taken a strong stand against these attacks on their country, and the law just passed will finally force these Muslims to assimilate!

Austria just passed a law that would ban any woman wearing a full-face veil. Alongside that, Muslims will not be able to public distribute their Quran, and courses in German and western culture will be included for full assimilation.

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From Breitbart:

Austria has passed into law a ban on wearing full-face Islamic veils, such as the burqa and the niqab, in public. Violators face fines when the legislation comes into effect in October.

The law is part of an integration package agreed upon by the coalition government, comprised of the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) and the Social Democratic Party of Austria (SPÖ), after initial resistance by the socialists, Die Welt reports

The integration package will also prohibit the public distribution of the Quran after a radical Islamist group called “The True Religion” used the handing out of books as a front to recruit new members. The group was ultimately banned in Germany after being raided by police and accused of spreading hatred.
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When the law comes into effect in October, the penalty for anyone caught wearing the burqa or niqab will be a fine of roughly 150 euros. Much of the anti-Islamisation aspects of the package were proposed and championed by the new leader of the conservative ÖVP and Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz.

The legislation also includes provisions for integrating asylum seekers, which will see migrants attend mandatory one-year courses in both German language and Western values.

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Austria has taken an excellent stand against radical Islam. It is time for these refugees to stop forcing western countrymen and countrywomen to assimilate to their own culture. If they moved west, then they need to understand and respect the values of the west.

Every western country should take a hard look at this new law and make it one of their own. It is a great step to protect themselves from further radical Islam infiltration.

Source: Breitbart

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