Airline Hires Muslim To Handle Luggage, Realize Their 1 Big Mistake Too Late

The time was you bought an airline ticket, checked your bags, turned in your ticket at the counter, walked out to the plane, climbed up the stairs, and took a seat. The propellers started and you were on your way. Simple.

Now it’s anything but simple. In fact, flying is a pain in the neck. People can argue about the need for security and what form it should take, but air travel has turned into a major project replete with intrusive and humiliating security checks, and a list of rules regarding what you can and cannot bring on the plane. And among those doing the security work are perverts, weirdos, incompetents, and the occasional crook. Complain when abused, and you’re in trouble.

Jetstar Airlines hired a Muslim simply to handle baggage, and that’s exactly what he did, and a whole lot more. As a crook, he wasn’t too swift since he managed to get caught on video going through passengers’ luggage and helping himself to things of value. Chalk up one more reason flying commercial airlines has become more than a nuisance. And one more reason, like it or not, why people are just suspicious of Muslims.

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“Unfortunately for Jetstar, a video has emerged after the employee [Abdullah Hayee Mayeh] aboard their plane was caught when he thought no one was looking. Even worse yet, now the whole world knows about the sick thing he secretly did to passengers, and now, they regret ever letting him aboard.

“According to New York Post, footage taken by another employee captured Mayeh as he was supposed to be on board a plane working. Come to find out, he’s one of the guys who crawls inside and throws suitcases onto the conveyer belt to be brought inside for passenger pick up.”

So this guy crawls inside the plane and goes through the luggage before tossing it on the conveyor to be moved for customer pick-up. You’d think someone would have caught on since the number of bags he was able to unload per minute had to be relatively low given the time it would take to open and go through the luggage.

Jetstar clearly was not happy when this all popped up on the internet. “‘Jetstar is aware of a video circulating online and we are taking the matter very seriously,’ the airline said in a statement to

”We have launched an immediate investigation and will work with Airports of Thailand, our ground handler BAGS and our local security company to ensure the security of our customers’ property on-board our flights,’ the statement continued. [Source: Fox News]”

And not only has Mr. Mayeh been arrested and confessed, but efforts are being made to locate merchandise he stole and return it to its owners, as difficult of a project as that might be.

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Was Mayeh just looking to steal some stuff to get some extra cash? Or was he observing selected teachings from Muslim holy books that excuses stealing as long as it’s from non-Muslims. “Sahih Bukhari (44:668) – ‘We were in the company of the Prophet at Dhul-Hulaifa. The people felt hungry and captured some camels and sheep (as booty)…’ Muhammad said that Allah would always provide sustenance for those who believe in him. Stealing from non-Muslims was a legitimate means of fulfilling Allah’s promise. [Source: The Religion of Peace]”

Whatever the case, you can add one more nuisance to your list of issues you must deal with when flying: Try to avoid putting valuables in your suitcase.

Source: Mad World News

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