After Al Green Fails To Impeach Trump, Sarah Sanders Gives Him A Piece Of Her Mind

If you want evidence of just how profoundly devastating was President Trump’s defeat of Hillary Clinton, all you have to do is look.

The news has been filled with lurid accusations against the president. However, all of these allegations of wrongdoing have one thing in common: no evidence.

The Trump-Russia dossier was the holy grail for the left.

But only for a time.

Turns out it was discredited just like the president said it would be. And to make matters worse, it now looks like it might have been Team Clinton instead that was engaged in funny business with the Russians.

The rest of the claims by the left – accusations designed to take down the Trump presidency – haven’t gone anywhere either. In fact, the latest effort by the Democrats to dispatch President Trump just blew up in their faces.

Democratic Congressmen have been pushing for their solution to their President Trump problem: impeachment followed by conviction by the Senate.

House wild-man Al Green claims President Trump is “unfit” for the office.  So he introduced two articles of impeachment.

The House held a vote to proceed.

In what can only be described as a humiliating defeat for Green and his cohorts, only 58 House members (all Democrats), voted to do so.

As Sarah Sanders put it, the effort to unseat the president was “pathetic.”

“Democrat Rep. Al Green, who previously had sex with a drug-addicted staffer then sued her after she threatened to go public, introduced two articles of impeachment against President Trump Wednesday.

“The House overwhelmingly rejected the resolution 364-58.

“This isn’t the first time the Democrat cretin has called for Trump’s impeachment; it’s basically a routine now.”

Mr. Green has succeeded once again in making an ass out of himself. His primary usefulness in Congress is in serving as an example of what to avoid in choosing a Congressman. President Trump and his team have to be laughing at this buffoon.

“Fox News reported that Sarah Huckabee Sanders was not impressed with Green’s stunt Wednesday and said his effort was ‘pathetic’.”

Sanders, as usual, nailed it.

Pathetic. Absurd. Pointless. Humiliating. Pick the adjective that fits Green’s failed efforts.

“As previously reported, Rep. Al Green (D-TX) had sex with a drug-addicted staffer and then sued her after she threatened to go public with the encounter. Green is one of the loudest voices on Capitol Hill calling for President Trump to be impeached.”

That’s just the sort of individual who you want making moral judgments about someone’s qualification for public office – a person who is so profoundly morally flawed himself that he has no business being in office.

Mr. Green’s constituents should hang their heads in shame. Or better yet, find someone else to represent them. To the degree that such seems unlikely, we’ll have to just settle for a Congressman who does a good job of setting a bad example.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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