3 Muslim Women Refuse To Take Off Veil At Security Because Of Sharia Law, Airport Has 1 Perfect Response

If one wished to commit certain crimes, wearing a full face veil might be a strategy worth employing. Now before someone gets upset claiming that statement was Islamophobic, no one said the person had to be an Islamic woman, or even a woman for that matter. If you put enough clothes on someone, onlookers have no idea not only who they are but what sex they are.

Hence there are times when the full face veil is going to have to be removed.  It’s just the way the world works, and if someone cannot live with that, they need to find a place where such behavior is permitted. In America as in many other nations, we have photo IDs to demonstrate who we are so that we can exercise certain rights and privileges such as voting and driving.

Apparently a Muslim man didn’t see things that way. He wished to go through customs, but refused to allow the three who he alleged to be Muslim women accompanying him to take off their veils for identification purposes, claiming that would be a violation of Sharia law. So, all four of them got sent back where they came from.

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“When a Kuwaiti national arrived in Delhi from Dubai, he was welcomed into the immigration center for processing as a new arrival. Like the thousands of other immigrants who routinely pass through the airport, the Muslim man was expected to complete a security check which involved proving his identity. When it came time to identify his 3 female companions, the man refused to allow security to lift their Islamic veils in order to see their faces, citing their religious beliefs. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t dealing with subservient liberals.

“The Express Tribune reports that after the Muslim immigrant refused to allow Delhi security to identify the niqab-clad women and began tearing up the immigration counter in a fit of rage, he not only suffered a humiliating face slap by an annoyed Thai national but all 4 Muslims were immediately turned away from the airport and deported back to Dubai.”

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This Muslim apparently thought that he was entitled to special treatment for his religious beliefs no matter where he traveled.

“As infuriating as it was to be sent right back to the country he’d left, the source confirmed that he was humiliatingly slapped by another immigrant for causing a disrespectful scene, the Hindustan Times reports.

“‘He got angry and refused to fill the form. He even abused the official and Indian system. While the officials were trying to pacify him, another passenger, who had arrived from Bangkok, also requested him to fill the form. Instead of listening to the other passenger, the Kuwaiti national entered into an argument with him. The passenger from Bangkok slapped him,’ the official added.”

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What we’ve got here is a man who has a hard time getting along with others. He also has a characteristic we all too often see in fundamentalist Muslims, that being a sense of entitlement.

When you enter another country you are a guest. You observe their laws and respect their customs. You do not arrogantly demand they conform to your beliefs and culture that are as foreign to them as you are. This is how civilized people behave so that there might be at least civility if not compete harmony.

That statement just made would be considered intolerant by the left. But that only goes to show how far the left has drifted from the very principles that allow people of different beliefs to live on the same planet without annihilating each other, something that looks more likely as the years go by.

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