Sheriff Just Dropped A Whopping 2×4 Of Reality On Sanctuary California — Illegals Are Raging

The issue of sanctuary cities has been extremely polarizing for many parts of the country, as those liberal state and local officials who sympathize with illegal immigrants, who are here in violation of federal immigration laws, have vowed to refuse to enforce them and not cooperate with Trump’s crackdown on illegals with criminal records.

There are those areas of the country where illegal immigration has become a serious, life-threatening problem for Americans living along the borders, or American citizens who end up being the victim of a violent crime committed by an illegal immigrant, which happens quite often.

One California Sheriff, Donny Youngblood, has stated his county of Kern will be a “law and order” county and he is asking the Kern Board of Supervisors to pass a resolution declaring as much, so that he and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers will be able to do their jobs without interference from city officials who sympathize with illegals.

From Right Wing News:

The Sheriff has called for agents to be able to proceed with distinguishing and locating felonious illegal immigrants in the county jails who as soon as they are released, will be taken into custody and deported immediately, unlike what has been happening in many California jurisdictions, with local officials hiding them and not informing ICE agents of their release.

Youngblood realized that Californian lawmakers were actively working against him and his efforts to secure his county and keep California citizens safe, so he thought it was time to make his proposition for the “law and order” resolution. He called the move “somewhat symbolic.”

“Sheriff’s deputies don’t enforce immigration laws and we don’t go on federal immigration sweeps, but we do have to allow our federal partners to do their job.”

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It was only three years prior that this Sheriff and armed forces veterans refused to comply with the California Trust Act, which limited cooperation between local law enforcement officials and ICE agents. He also declined to sign paperwork for a federal immigration program that would act as a shield for illegal immigrants and keep them protected and in country.

This sheriff is one of the few people who gets it. Not only does he understand that illegal immigration has gotten out of control, but it is his job as a sworn law enforcement officer to cooperate with federal immigration laws that protect America from invasion by people who are coming here to take advantage of America’s generosity and goodwill, commit crimes or in some cases to wage a war of terrorism against us.

America needs more of the likes of Sheriff Youngblood who realize the dangers confronting us and the need to minimize them forcefully, if necessary!

Source: Right Wing News

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