20 Muslim Migrants Gang-Rape Infidel Woman, But It’s Their 8 Word Flippant Response To The Police That Goes Viral

If tasked with the disagreeable project of ranking crimes by their seriousness, rape would be near the top. It’s assault and theft all rolled into one with obvious sexual overtones. This leaves a devastating emotional wound if not a physical one. It is an offense against the dignity of a human being. And not just against the victim. The perpetrator assaults any humanity he might possess. Everyone loses.

That there are religions that are either indifferent to such heinous crimes or find ways to excuse them is tragic. It is a measure of the depravity of any such faith systems. Regrettably, Islam seems to fall into that category. In part, at least.

A 30-year old woman was just raped in Sweden. More than that, it was a gang rape. And by a band of Muslim men. While Europe has experienced all sorts of serious problems stemming from uncontrolled immigration by Muslims, this is just sickening. What makes a horrible crime even worse was the statement one of the rapists made: “It was for fun – a kind of joke.” What can one say to such depravity?

“In a sexual assault case that is being labeled one of the most horrific to hit Sweden, a 30-year-old woman was stripped, beaten unconscious, and gang-raped by a group of at least 20 migrants, who reportedly sought asylum from Iraq and Somalia. Despite several bystanders witnessing the gruesome events, no one helped the girl or called the police because they were afraid of being labeled Islamophobic or racist, showcasing the how liberal censorship has enslaved the population through political correctness.

Kvinnan anmälde att hon gruppvåldtagits i ett trapphus i Fittja.

“Forced to catch a train to the police station after her neighbors rejected her because she had ‘sperm on her face’ and ‘in her hair,’ the young woman finally reported her abusers, leading police to nab just a few out of the mob of nearly 2 dozen. Just when authorities thought the case couldn’t get any worse, officers were informed of what the rapists said to justify their actions.”

Please forgive the revolting details. However, it gets worse.

“According to Sweden’s Metro newspaper, the Muslim migrant proudly confessed that he and the other asylum seekers laughed and filmed the assault while the young woman was sexually and physically abused:

“‘One of the men, a 23-year-old, told police that the woman satisfied him orally while some of his friends watched. “They laughed and they watched. Some filmed, some said ‘what the hell, you’re disgusting,’ kind of like that. It was for fun — a kind of joke.“‘” [Emphasis added.]

At this point it becomes difficult to think of something to write that adequately addresses the hideousness of this crime. So no attempt will be made to do so. You already must be filled with your own thoughts.

What will be asked is how much suffering must people endure before the leftist ruling elites will be forced to act or forced from power? They might live protected lives where such incidents only occur in the news. But the citizens of their nations are at risk.

That politics is even an issue here is a travesty. This is about real dangers to human lives. Damn the politics and take the necessary actions to make the people secure. Stop open immigration and deport illegals.

And that’s the least that leaders should be forced to do.

Source: Mad World News

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