Look Who Spent $114 Million To HIDE Potentially INCRIMINATING Information – Americans Are LIVID!

Some statements are so preposterous that not only do they not deserve the effort it would take to refute them, but you’d hardly know where to start. Those who believe that Elvis is still alive today would fall into that category. What would you say to such a person? And would what you might say make any difference?

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One would have understandably had the same reaction when Bill Clinton said he would have one of the most ethical administrations ever. And we don’t even want to think about how silly such a remark would sound coming from Hillary.

It turns out that Mr. Obama told a real whopper when he boasted how transparent his administration would be. Believe that one and it’s time to start looking for Elvis sightings.

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However, unlike alleged Elvis sightings which prove nothing, there really is some evidence that can be used to evaluate Mr. Obama’s boast. And it doesn’t look good. When the Washington Post finds itself in the position of needing to be critical of a liberal, you know it’s bad. In fact, the venerable paper, “had to admit during Obama’s final year in office that his presidency was among the most secretive, noting that Obama had set records for ‘stonewalling or rejecting Freedom of Information requests.'”

When a government agency receives a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, it’s required to respond appropriately. In some cases, the information exists and the agency must release it. In other cases, the material may be classified in which case they cannot release it. And they cannot release what does not exist.

Yet there is another case and that’s when the agency has the information, it is not classified but is embarrassing to the agency or the administration, and the agency decides to stonewall the request. This situation often results in a lawsuit to compel the agency to produce the requested documents.

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This is where Mr. Obama’s boast about having such a transparent administration falls flat. “Under Obama’s administration, the number of FOIA lawsuits increased greatly against his government. There were 300 lawsuits filed in 2009 by individuals, journalists, and advocacy groups, which increased to 512 by his last year in office. In total, he spent $114 million in all the FOIA lawsuits that his agencies and departments defended themselves against.”

If you are going to have this transparent administration which will have nothing to hide, you should not be setting records for the number of FOIA lawsuits against which you must to defend yourself. Nor should you be spending record funds on legal fees doing so. Some part of this picture doesn’t look right. What we have instead of transparency is “[a] record number of [FOIA] requests denied – and a record amount spent fighting them.”

You may want to believe that Mr. Obama ran a transparent administration. If so, you might also wish to believe that Elvis will perform at next year’s Super Bowl.

Source: Allen B. West

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