YOU’RE FIRED: Trump Executes Gargantuan Power Move…Top Ranking Government Officials Get Their Pink Slips!

As President Trump works to fulfill his campaign promise and Make America Great Again, getting rid of Obama’s holdovers will be an absolute necessity if Trump is going to make good on that pledge.

President Trump probably has the Washington DC Liberals pulling their hair out and banging their heads against the wall. Why? Because he is removing the vestiges of Obama’s agenda of lawlessness that made a mockery of the “Rule of Law” principle.

Indeed, Obama seemed to just make laws up as he went throughout his eight years of destruction, and liberals everywhere stood by and watched without so much as a word of objection. Liberals thumbing their noses at the laws? It’s what they do!

Well, President Trump’s focus on returning the Rule of Law and US Constitutional principles is not match for the past administration. This week, he fired two top officials for refusing to enforce the travel ban executive orders, which were signed in order to enforce the laws that Congress has already passed!

From Allen B West:

Last night, Twitter and Fox News were ablaze with the news that President Trump had abruptly fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates because she had refused to enforce his temporary travel ban on seven countries (previously identified by the Obama administration) as hotbeds for terror activity.

CNBC says In a blistering statement announcing Yates’ replacement, the White House cited Yates’ memo earlier in the day ordering to Justice Department lawyers not to go to court to defend sharp restrictions Trump ordered last week on immigration from seven majority Muslim countries.

Obama is out of office for eleven days and yet his appointees think they can scuttle President Trump’s agenda right out of the gate! Not gonna happen!

Allen B West continued:

Also on the chopping block was acting ICE Director Daniel Ragsdale — another Obama appointee. Ragsdale was replaced by Thomas Homan, ICE’s executive associate director of enforcement and removal operations since 2013.

“I am confident that he will continue to serve as a strong, effective leader for the men and women of ICE,” John Kelly, the secretary of Homeland Security, said in a brief statement.

Homan, a former New York police officer, is a 30-year veteran of immigration enforcement, having served as U.S. Border Patrol agent and deputy assistant director of ICE for investigations, according to DHS.

The liberal pundits can rage against the machine all they want, but President Trump has a mandate and not just from the voters, it seems.

He may just have a divine mandate as well because whatever the left throws in his path to trip him up, he just rolls over it like a road grader.

It’s about time the liberals learned what it’s like to be between a rock and an irresisitable force the same way they’ve been bullying the conservatives around since 2008! Go Trump!


Source: Allen B West

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