You’ll Never Believe How Paul Ryan Double Crosses Donald — President Trump Is Speechless

Paul Ryan continues to walk that razor’s edge as he ducks the rocks and sticks being tossed at him by Trump supporters. The Speaker of the House is resilient, however, and has come back from the dead many times over. Take, for instance, his last election where he was expected to either lose or win by a very thin margin. As it turned out, he did pretty well.

That was then and this is now. This time around, Donald Trump is the president and Ryan is in the doghouse with Trump’s supporters. While Karl Rove may not think much of Trump, and while the RINOs believe that somehow, some miracle will occur from out of the skies where Trump will be struck dead by a lightning bolt or golf ball-sized hailstone, Trump continues to defy the popular conventional wisdom that a) He won’t be elected, b) He’ll be impeached, and c) He colluded with Russia.

Well, so far he’s been elected, not impeached, and no collusion appears on the horizon. In fact, if it’s any indication that he’s winning that argument, too, just look to CNN who have pulled their entire investigative team off of the Trump-Russia Collusion story! As it is, Trump had promised to get the corporate tax rate dropped to a mere 15%. Ryan, it appears, holds a different view and gave Trump the verbal middle finger: “I think our goal is to be at or below the industrial world average, and that’s 22.5%. So our goal is to get in the mid-to low 20s!”

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Independent Journal Review:

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump continued his push for tax reform, once again calling for a 15 percent corporate rate. But according to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), that policy goal just isn’t realistic.

“The numbers are hard to make that work,” Ryan said, speaking to the New York Times during a sweeping policy discussion Thursday.

“[Trump] obviously wants to push this as low as possible and I completely support that, but at the end of the day we got to make these numbers work,” Ryan added. “I think our goal is to be at or below the industrial world average, and that’s 22.5 percent. So our goal is to get in the mid to low 20s.”

Ryan’s comments break from the president’s ongoing call for a 15 percent corporate tax rate, a promise that dates back to Trump’s early campaign days in 2015, as reported by IJR.

However, Trump appeared to open the door for compromise on the issue, offering a more temperate push during a speech on taxes in North Dakota on Wednesday.

“Ideally, we would like to bring our business tax rate down to around 15 percent,” Trump said. “That’s a tremendous drop.”

While Trump continues to push for Congress to act fast on tax reform, Ryan says it’s likely the issue won’t be addressed until the end of the year: “I’ll leave it up to the tax writers as to when they’ll release their template.”

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The more the Swamp RINOs resist and reject the president, the higher up on the endangered species list they ascend. It might be a lot to ask for, but why if the only reason the Republicans continue to hold majorities in both chambers of Congress do they insist on spitting in the faces of their constituents?

Once the dust settles and the elections draw nearer (and the full implications of their polling comes full circle) the RINOs will begin their famous backpedaling, but by that time, it might be too late. For Paul Ryan, it was too late the day after he was reelected.

Source: Independent Journal Review


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