Look Who State Police Just Arrested For Smuggling $75,000 Worth Of Heroin

It should be a source of embarrassment over their misguided policies. Instead, they either ignore the problem, or attempt to explain it away in order to ensure that their agenda of destroying our nation’s borders is successful. Of course, what is being referred to is the crime committed by those illegal migrants the left is obsessed with protecting.

It’s not like all illegal immigrants are violent criminals. But they are all criminals since they entered the nation in violation of our laws. That the left doesn’t like this fact does not erase the truth that these people are fugitives from federal authorities. Then there are those who are truly dangerous, either because they are intent on committing violent crimes, smuggling illegal drugs, or engaging in other hostile activities.

To illustrate the problem, we can look to Pennsylvania where two illegals have just been arrested by the police for smuggling heroin. Regardless of what additional crimes this pair might have committed in bringing this dangerous drug into our country, it would certainly have done violence to the health of those who would take this drug.

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“Pennsylvania police were tipped off to a shipment of illegal drugs that were about to enter Westmorland County over Interstate 76, and officers were on the lookout for trouble, according to WPXI TV Pittsburgh.

“State Police eventually observed a car that failed to turn on its lights in a construction zone, a state law, and pulled the vehicle over. Inside officers discovered Jose Miguel Garabito Montilla and Frankely Alonzo Ramos Castano, who displayed ‘multiple indicators of criminal activity,’ police said. A subsequent search of the car found 7,500 stamped bags of heroin worth up to $75,000.”

As a side comment, it is amazing how these numbskulls so often get caught because they did something stupid that was not connected to the drug smuggling crime at all, but involved something as simple to avoid as committing a routine traffic law violation.

“The suspects had addresses in Philadelphia, but officers discovered that they are Dominican Republic nationals and here in the U.S. illegally.

“‘We believe these two individuals have been moving heroin into southwest Pennsylvania here for a while and (they’re) starting to grow some roots,’ Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Steve Limani told the media.”

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People who are willing to break the law to enter our country, and to further break the law by using falsified identification cards or stolen social security numbers to either get jobs or welfare benefits, might be predisposed to break even more laws such as our drug laws. Or perhaps laws against prostitution. Or even theft.

The point is not that all illegal immigrants are violent criminals, but they are criminals, some of whom do engage in violent crimes.

The liberal argument against securing the borders and in favor of harboring illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities is very weak, and does mischief to those who are citizens of the U.S., as well as those who have gone to the trouble to enter our nation legally.

Source: Breitbart

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