Guess Who’s Behind One Of “The Worst Cases Of Judicial Misconduct” In History?

Evoking stories of Anthony Weiner, Jim McGreevey, Robert Menendez, John Edwards, Ed Murray, and Bill Clinton is a nightmare scenario for the Democrats because it seems that whenever there is a lewd or horribly immoral behavior being demonstrated, nine times out of ten, the offender is a Democrat.

Recently, with her new book on the stands, Hillary Clinton has attempted to distance herself from the blame that comes for her horribly unethical and highly illegal use of a private email server and the destruction of over 30K emails AFTER being subpoenaed. That type of behavior will not get any sympathy from the voting public, particularly when you believe yourself to be above the law.

In the Clintons’ old stomping grounds in Arkansas, where then Governor Bill Clinton and First Lady of the Statehouse Hillary used to attend the annual Confederate Flag Day…every single year while he was in office…another type of scandal was developing. A lower court judge just a holler down the road from Little Rock has become embroiled in a corruptions charge that stems from him providing leniency on male defendants who came before his bench in exchange for questionable photos and sexual connections!

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Business Insider:

A former Arkansas judge admitted Thursday that for years he gave lighter sentences to men guilty of minor crimes in return for nude photographs and sexual favors, in a misconduct case that a top legal discipline official called one of the worst in state history.

Joseph Boeckmann had been set for trial this month but pleaded guilty to wire fraud and witness tampering. Under terms of a plea bargain, he would face at least 2½ years in prison, though U.S District Judge Kristine Baker isn’t required to go along with that sentence. Federal prosecutors said they would drop 19 other charges after

Boeckmann’s sentencing, which will likely occur in 2018.

Boeckmann spoke only briefly during Thursday’s hearing. “Yes, ma’am,” he said after a series of four questions on whether he understood the deal and agreed to be bound by it. He told the judge later that he was pleading guilty because he was guilty.

The 71-year-old’s raised right hand shook as he swore to answer questions truthfully. He carried a cane, though he didn’t always use it.

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As a district court judge in Cross County, 100 miles (160 kilometers) east of Little Rock, Boeckmann mainly handled lower-level offenses such as traffic tickets and misdemeanors. Dozens of men who had passed through his court accused the judge of misconduct dating to his time as a prosecutor decades ago. Some said they posed nude in exchange for money to pay their fines.

Attorney Peter Halpern of the U.S. Department of Justice told Baker that Boeckmann had arranged for a third party to threaten a man who had complained about the abuse to state investigators. Boeckmann admitted doing so Thursday.

According to Halpern, Boeckmann would typically offer men a sentence of “community service” in lieu of court fines and fees — picking up bottles and cans while Boeckmann took photographs. An investigation by The Associated Press into court and law enforcement records last year showed that of the 254 men Boeckmann sentenced to community service over a seven-year period in one of three districts he oversaw, just 13 of the cases included timesheets and court records showing completion of the sentences…

The head of the Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission, David Sachar, has called the allegations among the worst cases of judicial misconduct in state history.

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At the rate we’re going, there aren’t going to be enough prisons to fit all the corrupt officials in our judicial system or our government. With the new push toward truthfulness and upholding the law, Americans are more than ever dedicated to the call for law and order.

At the end of his term, President Obama said that he felt secure in the fact that his administration had made great strides in increasing safety and security of the American people. All this while police officers were being ambushed and assassinated. I guess it’s safe to assume that there is a vast difference in the meaning of safety and security when pitting the Leftist meaning against that of the Right wing.

Source: Business Insider

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