Woot! Trump Just Shut Down 1 Important Immigration Loophole — Illegals Boiling Mad

If Mr. Obama had been truly focused on serving the American people, he would have adopted policies and programs vastly different than those to which we were subjected. Of course, his goals did not including promoting the interests of the vast majority of Americans, but only selected groups whose members shared his ideology. As such, his administration can rightly be considered to have been a reign of misgovernment.

While there are a number of policies and acts that we could use as jumping off points for illustrating the deleterious impact this man had on our nation, we will focus on his immigration policies for the duration of this piece. That we are still dealing with the negative impact of those policies is clear. What is even more distressing is that the damage he did will take many years to repair, and will likely cost many people their lives.

As part of his policy to end illegal immigration, President Trump’s Department of Homeland Security just killed another of Mr. Obama’s dangerous programs. This would be the Central American Minors (CAM) parole program. It was a thinly-disguised effort to allow immigrants into the country in a way that appeared to be legal. The result was that these individuals would then violate the provisions restricting the time they could remain in the U.S. thereby becoming illegal aliens. The death of this program is very good news indeed.

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Although under constant assault from the left, President Trump is determined to take actions to benefit the people of this nation. One is to close the borders to all but those who can enter legally. This is not only excellent policy, it is also the law – the proper enforcement of which should be of vital interest to all Americans.

“The Trump Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced Tuesday that it is officially closing Obama’s Central American Minors (CAM) parole program, which was created to bring foreign nationals into America even after they are denied refugee status.

“As reported on Breitbart, CAM established an additional channel for chain migration in which legal residents from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras could request a parole for their under-21-years-old children after being denied entry as a refugee. However, Obama expanded the scope of CAM to include foreign national family members other than children, enabling a constant stream of migration from poor third-world Latin American countries.”

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This is a classic leftist tactic. Realizing that an upfront effort to change a law will likely fail, you just employ a program of subterfuge by chipping away at the law or principle you want changed until it is no more. The problem the left has is that President Trump and his team understand what was going on under the Obama regime, and they are reversing it with vigor and dispatch. Mr. Obama is watching his legacy of misgovernment being destroyed before his eyes. It’s an experience he deserves.

Here was Obama’s duplicity in action:

“As the DHS explains in its announcement, parole is a temporary status which allows a person entry into the US when they do not qualify as refugees. The Obama administration used this to open up an additional pathway to get Democrat-friendly immigrants into the country under the radar.

“The Obama reasoning was ‘if we can’t bring them in as legal permanent residents, we’ll bring them in as refugees. If we can’t bring them in as refugees, we’ll bring them in as parolees.’ Although parole status is designed to be temporary, the Obama administration constantly took steps to extend the stay of the parolees it brought in. Even if parolees overstayed after the expiration of their status, they knew Obama’s DHS would not move to deport.”

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And thus you have the next batch of voters, eager to show their appreciation to Mr. Obama and the Democrats at the polls for their good fortune, which was the goal of all of this from the beginning.

“Obama’s CAM program failed to comply [with President Trump’s executive order] and is now defunct. USCIS [US Citizenship and Immigration Services] was clear about the decision, stating: ‘USCIS will no longer automatically consider parole requests from individuals denied refugee status in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras under the CAM Parole program. Effective immediately, USCIS will no longer consider or offer parole under the CAM Parole program.'”

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What we have in President Trump is a leader who is doing what he promised he would do during his campaign. As we are painfully aware, this is a rarity in Washington, and something many Congressmen and Senators no doubt hope will never be expected of them.

The issue of illegal immigration is so straightforward that it seems bizarre that there is even a debate. The law is clear. The violations are clear. The law-enforcement agencies exist to see that those who violate the law are apprehended and brought to justice.

But Mr. Obama, like his benefactor Mr. George Soros, is a strong exponent of open borders. In the case of the United States this means supporting illegal immigration. Consider at least one consequence of that misguided policy. Illegal aliens, unlike those who enter the country legally, obviously are not screened for communicable diseases. It is a fact that some entering our country carry very serious illnesses such as the plague.

Mr. Obama and his fellow supporters have to be aware of this, yet they persisted with this dangerous policy. And communicable diseases don’t care about the political affiliation of the parties they infect. So rather than protecting Americans, he endangered all with the possible spread of a disease that sometimes kills even with prompt and thorough treatment. Nicely done, Mr. Obama. If the plague breaks out in a sanctuary city, one wonders on whom the liberals will place the blame and how.

This is all very simple to understand except in the mind of those on the left who see the law not as a standard to protect our society, but rather as putty to be molded into the policies they desire. In so doing, they endanger the very society and nation they purport to be serving. Their duplicity is obvious, and not just in the matter of immigration.

Source: Mad World News

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